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  1. fran111971

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    Has anyone heard of Alpine access or willow CSN. Supposed to be work at home customer service. I know that with willow there is fees $475 to 825, but on better business bureau, no fee with alpine but not on better business bureau. they are listed with some news channels( abc, nbc, as ok. I was also wondering if anyone work at either of these companies.
  2. Somnambulist

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    My sister is working with Alpine Access. I will ask her for more details. All she mentioned to me is that she needs the house to be VERY quiet and now that she just had a baby, she's finding that very difficult[​IMG] I'll find out what I can for you.
  3. samjohnson

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    Alpine Access used to be a very employee & customer driven company but all that has changed. They are short changing their employees on the Sprint program & the customers. They are forcing reps to take calls that they are not being trained for..very hard dilemna to be in...I guess they figure in this economy they can do that
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    3 Dec 2009 00:03 - Attached on merging:
    Alpine Access Assestment test

    Has anyone taken the Assestment test for Alpine Access? Did you finish the simulation section? Were you take fake calls and fill in the information and help the customer. if uou dont finish it do they fail you?
  5. vagabond

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    Is anyone working there now?

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