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Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by roger, Feb 27, 2007.

  1. roger

    roger New Member

    If you're new to Coastal or you want to employ other marketing methods you haven't thought of yet, then Product Director Stephanie Johnson's Alternative Marketing Teleseminar is a good place to start.

    Although the call is for people already in the business, it doesn't hurt to hear from one of the Board of Director's. If you attend, please contact the person who introduced you to the business.

    Thursday March 1st at 3pm Eastern (620) 294 3000 xt. 1103#


  2. susaneng

    susaneng New Member

    Thanks for the tip Roger. I unfortunately will be working during this call. Can you let us know what Stephanie is recommending?

  3. roger

    roger New Member

    Hey Susan,
    Depending on my own call schedule today, if I'm on the call I'll share it with the group.


  4. luvtravel

    luvtravel New Member

    Are these calls held every Thursday?

  5. roger

    roger New Member

    Hi Terri,
    They're not regularly scheduled calls but it happens every so often.



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