Am I a Pest Or what?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by CareAnn, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. CareAnn

    CareAnn New Member

    Has anyone else had probs faxing West anything? When I filled out/e-signed my forms I also had to send them proof of some document that I was allowed to work in the US. I went and had a paper notorized with my info k? I then tried to fax them the info for two days and nothing but a busy signal. My last resort was to mail it overnite which cost me 17 dollars. I read that I only had 3 days so I went ahead and done that. Has anyone else had probs with the fax?
  2. ladyofengland

    ladyofengland New Member

    Yes i had problems. I called them and got the new number, but I didn't keep it. Silly me. Just so you know you are not the only one.

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