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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by itsmymeter, Aug 31, 2010.

  1. itsmymeter

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    I'm just wondering if anyone has heard of energy deregulation hitting the MLM world. This is a fairly new company that is being utilized to switch customers over to alternate power and gas providers in deregulated states. It seems pretty straight forward... you get paid upfront for every customer and then create residual income through commission from their usage monthly.
  2. talfighel

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    It looks to me like it is legitimate but I would do some research to see if they are.

    They seem pretty new so I am not too sure if you are going to find any good or bad info about them.

    Maybe you should take a leap of faith and join them. You never know, you may be there success story in the future and may open up doors to others who are also thinking about joining them.

    What ever you do, good luck.
  3. itsmymeter

    itsmymeter New Member

    Thanks Tal,

    I am new to the MLM world and have been studying up. I think you're right. It's minmal risk and with this product what better way to make a big splash!
  4. mountainmom5

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    Looks interesting. Keep us posted. [​IMG]
  5. Nothing new, several MLM structured companies are or have been involved in the electric deregulation industry, but with such small margins, most of the money was being made on recruiting fees, so do not expect to make much unless you are a big recruiter.

    Success to all,
  6. FreeCashMan

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    True, several opportunities exist in this area.

    Nice, however if you are looking to generate a substantial 4-5 figure monthly residual income you have to look at how many customers/team members you have to have in place to do that, and determine how probable that is.

    Home business is about making money, be sure your opportunity can do that for you.

    Don't get lost in "best/perfect" product land, those who have don't too often find themselves on the side of making money in networking.

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