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  1. Blessed1

    Blessed1 New Member

    Has anyone used this medical billing system? How did/do you like it?
  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I tend to be leary of these kinds of companies, but the BBB seems to approve of it, so that counts for something.
  3. adshun

    adshun New Member

    I just joined here and am looking for information on American Billing Systems from others out there who have tried it. Did you go ahead with this? Did you get any further information on the company?

  4. snasseri

    snasseri New Member


    How is ABS?

    Is it legit?

    Have you started making money?


    VILLIAN New Member

    Just joined, wondering if there are any updates to the question regarding American Billing Systems (ABS)?
  6. IMarketer

    IMarketer New Member

    Blessed1: Has anyone used this medical billing system? How did/do you like it?

    Are you a medical biller now?

    Have you been trained in medical billing?

    Do you have any medical billing experience?

    Medical billing involves alot more than data entry.

    Medical billing is a complicated business and it is getting more complicated all the time.

    When your business does someone elses medical billing, you can be held legally responsible for your mistakes.

    Medicare and medicaid will investigate a pattern of mistakes and you can be charged with a federal crime.

    Doctors do not turn over their medical billing to just anyone. It is their lively hood.

    If anyone is telling you that they will sell you their software, train you on their software and find Doctors for you for a fee, RUN in the other direction!

    I just got home from my low paying medical billing job.

    The one I got, 6 months after graduating from a 2 year college program.

    The job were I make less money and have fewer benefits, than before I went back to college.

    I went back to college for medical billing after losing almost $5000 to a company who claimed that after I bought their billing software, they would train me to use it, find me Doctors and guide me all the way.

    Their assets were frozen by the AG of the state they operated out of, their bankruptcy petition was denied and they were convicted of fraud after 1000 clients filed complaints against them.

    But I never got a dime back!

    If you are in only in contact with them over the phone and on the internet be very careful.

    Good luck!
  7. IMarketer

    IMarketer New Member

    P.S. You can join the BBB for a fee.

    They are not a good indicator of whether a business is legitimate.
  8. IMarketer

    IMarketer New Member

    Here is a very informative article about medical billing.

    It goes indepth on how complicated it can be.

    [Please check the link - Admin]

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