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    I won't say its a Home Based Business, but can say as a perfect business opportunity can do it local or if worldwide thats upto you. This is not MLM, but somehow physical marketing is required. Usually I dont like physical types of marketing business as because of its hardwork, low returns, low success rates, consuming more time etc. Even sometimes any fellow marketers knocks the door and try to promotes his products and I wont purchase anything that kind of stuff anymore. Mostly I do like to shop with family to purchase any prodcuts we want to have...

    But, two days back a middle aged man knocks the door and one of his hand holds some books and in the other hand having some white papers. As soon as I knew he is going market something I tried to say sorry and close the door. He said pls wait and immediately asks few questions about my shopping things like Where will I purchase Food Items? In which Super market I will shop? In Which textile shop I will purchase clothes? In which Jewel shop I will purchase Gold ornaments? Where I will do my Bike Service? etc. I answered few and stopped him further and enquires what's the matter of asking these questions?

    Then he shows on of the book and says its called 'Coupon Book' and whenever while you're shopping have this coupon book and use the coupons available in the book and get benefit of Free gifts or Discounted prices on purchasing products on that particular shop that listed in the coupon book. I just got interested and asks a book and checked it, there is few popular local stores, service centres etc. which I usually go. and it says bring this coupon while purchase and get free gifts or discount price. I just want make to sure is the guy trying to fool me. I asked to him stay there and get inside the home and make a call to the local store that mentioned in the book and enquires the offer and they said yes sir, the offer is there but only for that coupon who brings and not for everybody. Also I make a call to a service centre and enquires about the coupon and they also said positively. I get back to the guy and asked is the coupon book is free of cost. He says, No sir. You have to pay small fee of Rs.50 for a one book, but the coupons worth are more than Rs.1000 while you make purchases. I think a minute and get the book for Rs.50 and also got his contact number and address if there any problem persists.

    Actually that day my family plans to go for shopping and I went witht the coupon book and we purchased clothes and jewels. I provided the coupons while paying the bill and they accepted the coupon and gives me a discount of 2% on total bill. That is total amount Rs.10,000/- and I paid Rs.9800/- and I got benefit of Rs.200/- because of the coupons. I am amazed, in the same day I get back the expense of the Book (Rs.50) and saves Rs.150

    When we come back home, I make a call to the guy, who sells the coupon book and I requested him to meet. He accepts and we met in the evening in a restaurant. First I thanked him and enquires about the business. He tells 'there is no secret and I used a little tricky to do the business' and he explains more, 'First I contact some famous local stores, service centres etc and tells that I am having a wide network of people and I will send the people to your shops as customers and for that you dont want to pay any commissions to me, but kindly provide some free gifts or discounts on purchasing to the customers who brings a coupon. The owners or manager of the store are happy to accept, because for them its a free service provided by me and there is no part for them like advertising, marketing expenses anything, only thing they're going to give the gifts and discounts and that also makes no problem because of calculating the expenses in advertising and man power for marketing. Like this I will canvas shops and stores and collectes the details and prints as a coupon book. After that initially me, my wife and other family members market the book door to door and explains the benefit of shopping with the coupon book and I got more success rates comparing to other types of door to door product selling. I fix a coupon book rate for just Rs.50 and the coupons are worth more than Rs.1000 while on purchases. Daily we sell around 30-40 books and that is Rs.1500-2000 per day. The main successful in this business is the conversion rate. If we meet 5 people and defenitely one of them will purchase the book, as because everyone goes to shopping and 95% of the people likes free gifts and discounts.

    We chatted more about this and he gaves some useful tips and I think this is a very good business anybody who likes to start. I dont hear about this kind of business, do you have any experience like this or heard about this business, pls share it here. [​IMG]
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    Amazing stuff Jai (and your writing too. That just shows, if you write from heart, you always come with a master piece)! How about turning it into a mail order business? That way you don't have to go door to door marketing. Just place classified ads in newspapers.
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    Very nice idea! Where do you stay? Currently it seems to be area specific, but may be it will spread. Sangam direct from HLL offers a similar incentive
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    Thanks for the comments Vishal and pcwork and it encourages to post more about this business. I just like to exchange some successful tips he gaves me on the chat.

    i. Don't mislead customers with offers that you don't have.
    ii. Collect details about the customers like phone no. and address who buys your coupon books and contact them with certain intervals and request them if they need some more books.
    iii. Give your business cards with phon no. and contact address to the customers who buys the book. So that when the coupons are over, they'll call you and get another book.
    iv. Keep your customers happy with real dealings.
    v. Don't decide the offers by yourself in the coupons, let the business owners decide what they can afford to give discounts.
    vi. Once you got good enough customers, then you can deal with them by calling thro phone and can post the coupon book thro postal or courier.
    vii. Also, make the customers as a marketer like ask him or her to sell the coupon books to their friends and relatives and get some good commissions.
    viii. Once you reach certain amount of customer network, you can acquire big companies by offering the coupon style marketing
    ix. Update the coupons list regularly and add it to the new updated coupon book everytime.
    x. Track the business like which coupons are most likely used by the customers and which coupons that don't. It helps to remove or add coupons on next update. Also, some shop owners loves customers coming from you and offers you some cash prize as well.

    Finally, he expressed, its a successful formula and this business helps me and my family and I am making good amount of money every month, as because everybody loves shopping especially with free gifts and discounts.


    Personally, this business looks promosing, but at the moment I have no time to do it, already running a cybercafe and doing internet business and its giving me enough money. I just got impressed with that sales guy and his business and I found lots of people searching legitimate business in this forum and just likes to share my experience and if anybody interested can try this.

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