Anti-virus program stopped WAH Helpdest Assistant

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by ssimonin, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. ssimonin

    ssimonin New Member

    I tried to download the Helpdest Assistant and my anti-virus program said that there was a trogin/worm (Win32 virus). I have sent 3 emails to West with no reply. Can anyone here help me?

    Any information would be helpful.

  2. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    You need to turn off the antivirus program. You can't have them running while you work either.
  3. avasmom

    avasmom New Member

    I highly recommend keeping your anti-virus running, and just turning off your firewall. I run my anti-virus all the time while taking calls. Eber3 didn't you get a virus recently because you were not running it??
  4. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    Yeah back on my first, or was it my second day? Something like that. I'm just passing on what west says, not to run it while working. I run four different virus scan programs daily now to keep my machine up and running.
  5. rsoler

    rsoler New Member

    Hey Guys!

    Just my 2sense...Here's what I did turn off antivirus when downloading wst software afterwards turn it back on you should be fine after that. I do not recommend having your antivirus uninstalled at all while working for wst. Especially, with what is happening lately. I have been working for wst 2yrs now and never shut off my antivirus that's a big no no.
  6. eber3

    eber3 New Member

    Hey Ro,

    I tried running my virus programs while working, and it made Oracle run REALLY slow. It worked, but took double the time to do everything. So, I'm back running without the protection. I'll just keep running my four different scans daily.

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