Any Advice on Starting Home Business in Nature Enriched Water

Discussion in 'Ideas' started by Yeoch, Dec 22, 2009.

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    I live in Singapore - a modern city. Most of us get our water from household taps.

    I know of a place where residents collect runaway water (after raining) from a park. These residents use the clean water (instead of water from their household taps) on their plants and pets.

    The plants blossom very well, especially those in contact with sunlight though those under shade fared better than those without such water.

    And, sickly fish got revived the next day hungry for food after in a separate tank with such water.

    So, just this week, I'm thinking of a small home business marketing and selling what I called "Nature Enriched Water".

    Any advice on:-

    1. I'm not sure whether there is a good market for it, though I googled and found oxygenated water or hydrogenated water in the market. I think the water after running through the park is better than oxygenated or hydrogenated water. What do you think?

    2. A better name than "Nature Enriched Water"

    3. How and where to let people know of the beneficial water

    4. The form of packaging. I'm thinking of simply containing the water in plastic bag to keep the cost low and put a simple label "Nature Enriched Water - 1 litre". This bag is then put into another bigger bag.

    5. How much to sell ($/litre) in cash. I'm thinking of 20% lower in price than those bottled mineral water.

    6. Would you buy such "nature enriched water" if it is available near your residence and at what price? If yes, why; and if no, why.

    7. I guess I may need to put up a website on such "Nature Enriched Water", right? What to include in the website.

    Please feel free to share your knowledge and opinion here. [​IMG]

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Some good questions yeoch. I also believe you have a good concept. It may be that you are in the business of providing convenience. Just remember though, if you can acces the water, so can anyone else. The name sounds good to. How about N.E.W. (Nature Enriched Water) H2O? I would'nt go down on price, it might make the product seem inferior to the customer. If i think of anything else, i'll post again.
  3. Yeoch

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    Hi Rich4Nuriche,

    Thanks for your feedback and thoughts. Keep going please. [​IMG]

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