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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by mombrat25, Nov 7, 2008.

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    Hi I'm new to these forums as a member but have been reading for some months now since I hired on with WEST. I am growing concerned about this skill with all the news / rumors going around about D*L closing down its US operations.

    What happens to us if D*L pulls out of WEST as a client? Unfortunately, with my performance stats, I have already acquired my 3rd pin and I am worried that is D*L pulls out and we get laid off from that skill, I may not get offered another.

    Also, has anyone ever tried to fight the PIN you received? I have a hard time understanding their policies on ET time in certain situations. I missed alot of shifts due to not having phone and power for a few weeks when Hurricane Ike came to Houston in Sept. Not being able to put shifts up for trade, call a PAL anything and I was only able to get like 9 hrs of ET time so my stats dropped fast. I was told by another PAL that we are not able to get ET for situations like this unless the D*L facilities had gone down too.

    I don't have other employment options at the moment and this has me really worried.
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    I once got a pin this was way back in the day it was because of something they said I was not doing but I called a PAL that night to get help and wrote it on the end of shift ..when I got the pin I called in explained to them that I did talk to a PAL and that he did not help and even said he had to go and that I wrote it on the window at the end of shift they looked it up and found out that I was telling the truth and that the PAL never even logged in that I called but they did see that I did 15 minutes later pin was off

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