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    Hi I am very fortunate to find this kind forum ,

    I like to know about the ebook Method Reports LLC, Has anybody tried this technique? How is the support etc?

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    I bought this e-book 2 months ago, I have to be honest here, the methods outlined in this report really do work, but it's nothing illegal like some of the other reports that I bought. It's really can help you make money fast if you really put it into action. It talks about several different ways to make money using craigslist, not just one. At first I thought that it was useless when I first started reading it, but I decided to give one method a try since I already bought the report. And yes I made money within 4 days after putting it into action. Money won't just fall into your lap using these methods, but if you're highly motivated and committed, you can make a killing.
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    Thanks For ur Comments

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