Any success with cellphone banner ads?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by network_rascal, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. network_rascal

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    Has anyone had any success in driving people to their websites using cellphone banner ads? If so, did you use catchy, animated graphics or does a non-animated banner work too?

    I just got an Android-based phone and some of the freebie apps have banner ads on them.

    I would imagine that if you got 0.1% response you would be doing good...

    I have no idea what the rates are, but I'm sure I can find out from Google Ads page. Obviously, you want to target them and not just send them to kids and grandmothers.

  2. yahia

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    The biggest mobile advertising platform is (owned by google).

    Before anything else, make sure your website is mobile compatible. Java scripts don't work on mobile devices, which means no adsense (post adsense for mobile on the site) and no coockies.

    This is a whole world by itself, what works on the web doesn't work on mobile. But in general graphics are more eye catchy than text and animated graphics are even better.

    Good luck
  3. FreeCashMan

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    admob is going to be a top to chose from, for sure.

    Much of mobile marketing is like affiliate marketing, so make sure you are building a list and not trying to succeed with a one-hit wonder website.

    One of the best things I got from the mobile monopoly course was the use of the autoresponder opt-in form as the mobile web page.

    There are several courses out there so tap into them and best of wishes. Remember there are other powerful online marketing methods that can be very effective as well for making you money online and from home, so don't get stuck on mobile.
  4. network_rascal

    network_rascal New Member make sure you are building a list and not trying to succeed with a one-hit wonder website.
    Could you expand on that a bit? What is a "one-hit wonder" site?

  5. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    "one hit" means that you send a person directly to the "sales page" for them to buy, or goodbye. No follow up. You hope they remember your site if they change their mind later.

    With an autoresponder and/or capture page you are able to obtain the prospects email or other contact information for follow up for various reasons. Such as how your website is set up now, but that website is likely not optimized for mobile, and about the only videos that play on mobile are youtube, that I know of. Therefore trying to get that particular website on mobile with that video needs some work, but not necessarily much.

    If you don't have the know how you may want to look into outsourcing it but you probably will need your own website that you control versus a replicated page from the business.

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