Anybody heard of shopper services before? (Mystery shoppers)

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  1. claudia999

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    HI! I am asking this because I have joined in mystery shopping. They told me that they usually charge 45 dollars to get started the introduction. But they told me that for a limited time they were holding off that fee. The only thing i paid was 2.95 to cover the expense of mailing the letter that i was going toget that had all the info and my ID# and screename for the internet. I have never been a mystery shopper so can anyone who has been one tell me if this is a scam from what they charge? Also is it normal that you need to apply for companies that hire the mystery shoppers or is it the company to do that for you. Thanks again.
  2. WhitePhoenix

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    I get these offers in my email every once in a while. I'm not sure exactly how they work or how much money they offer as payment, but just be sure you're not being asked to pay a bunch of fees for the 'privilege' of being a shopper for them.

    Years ago, this was popular, but I don't think anyone was charged, though things are obviously different now.

    Let us know what the letter says when you get it, eh?
  3. Marketing_Junkie

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    It sounds like you're getting scammed by the "free product when you pay shipping" scheme... it's a new twist on the ol' book of the month club model...

    ... By agreeing to pay for "shipping and handling" with your credit card (notice they won't honor the deal if you pay by cash or money order), you're giving them a license to tap into your credit card every month for $69.95... for life!

    Example: The Video Professor gives you free product as long as you pay a few bucks for shipping. That sounds great but the small print legally binds you to a monthly fee for new lessons. It's up to you to cancel (and good luck as they make extrememly difficult to contact 'em).

    The only legitimate way to pay upfront for mystery shopping jobs is when the fee is deducted from your first job. But that's hard to find.

    And mystery shoppers are told that getting certified is the way to go... that may or may not be true, but either way, if you're just starting out as a mystery shopper, you might skip the certification and register with as many legitimate mystery shopping companies as you can.

    Disclosure: I help market this new site... I agreed to it because the site owner is brutally honest about the scams and deceptions... and we're putting the finishing touches on an exhaustive mystery shopping report (and it won't make some mystery shopping scams happy).

    Here's the URL:
    [Link removed - Admin]

    By the way, here's just a few lines of legaleze that you agree to when you get hooked into the Video Professor's "free" offer:

    "... Your subscription to the Video Professor Online Web Site will automatically renew for successive subscription periods, without prior notice to you, unless and until you cancel your subscription or we terminate it. You must cancel your subscription before it renews in order to avoid billing of subscription fees to your credit card. We will continue to bill your credit card on a monthly basis (or other periodic billing, depending upon the terms of your subscription) for your subscription to the Video Professor Online Program until you cancel your subscription."

    Also, before you buy anything, a quick search to a site like is a must... it's an awesome scam spotting research.

    Here's what RipOffReport has to say about the Video Professor:
  4. claudia999

    claudia999 New Member

    Thanks Marketing_junkie. I have been to before. I check to see if shopper services were there but they were not. So if what your saying is true then how come nobody has done a report about it?
  5. mysticwmn

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    I have worked as a mystery shopper before. You don't make a lot for each shop you do, but they do pay you and it doesn't cost to join at
  6. KSSBreanna

    KSSBreanna New Member

    Compliance Mystery Shops

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

    Hi, Please help me with these shops!! If you can't do them but know of someone who can, please refer them to me! Thanks

    This is a fun opportunity, these are mystery shops that I have available that need to be filled and completed by March 15th. As a mystery shopper you have an opportunity to do many types of shops.

    PALM DESERT CA 92211
    SAN CLEMENTE, CA 92672
    WILDOMAR, CA 92595

    ASHTABULA, OH 44004
    EUCLID, OH 44123
    GIRARD, OH 44420
    MENTOR, OH 44060
    RAVENNA, OH 44266

    BAYSIDE, NY 11361
    BROOKLYN, NY 11203

    Orlando Fl 32821
    Hollywood FL 33020
    Boco Raton FL 33431
    Fort Lauderdale FL 33311
    ST Cloud FL 34769

    Alanta GA 30339
    Alpharetta GA 30076

    Jeffery Chicago IL 60649
    Alqonquin IL 60102

    Fishers IN 46038
    Avon IN 46123

    Flushing NY 11366
    Bronx NY 10454

    Brunswick OH 44212
    Akron OH 44312
    Deleware OH 43015
    Cincinnati OH 45240
    Beavercreek OH 45431

    Pittsburgh PA 15202
    Washington PA 15301

    These are Alcohol and tobacco compliance shops I have in these areas; I need shoppers that are 21-25 ONLY. The shop pays $8.00 and will reimburse you up to $5.00 if you make a purchase, If you would like more information you can email me, or go to and sign up as a new shopper, If you don't fit in this age range but are interested in mystery shopping please go to and sign up as a new shopper. If you have any questions please feel free to email me. If you know someone who would be interested in these shops please refer them!

    Thanks, again and I look forward to working with you!

    Breanna Bailey
    Kern Scheduling Services
  7. coreyjroman

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    I know of a few legitimate mystery shopper programs that do not charge you anything. They do not pay out like the scammers claim though and re-imbursements towards product purchases amount to only a small dollar amount so you can't buy t.v.'s and computers like everyone thinks. If they are asking you to pay a dime then they are not legit. That's the bottom line. In reality the only way you can make a living doing it is to live in or very near a major metro area or tourist attraction and do it full-time. They pay rou roughly 15-20 dollars for each shop and if you really bust your but at it you can do 4-5 a day but you will consume a considerable amount of gas going from place to place so you end up making close to min wage.
  8. beccala

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    I have done some mystery shopping too. Most companies and jobs do not pay you $15 to $20 bucks a shop tho - most are BELOW $10. You have to literally live in your car and then you have to come home, log your reports and upload pictures - its just not worth it.

    If you can find one that pays you $15 min or more a shop- then you can make it work.

    Just google - "mystery shopping employers" and try other similar words too... and I am sure you will come up with enough to contact. You will have to submit a resume and it is important that you live in or close to a metropolitan area.

    Good luck ~
  9. Jemethyst

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    I have mystery shopped since 1996. It is just a fun side job. I choose the ones where I get to eat. Mostly they will reimburse you for the meal, some may pay a few $ extra.

    On the internet there are tons of places to find the mystery shopping companies you can register with. I have never had to submit a resume. Usually they have a short questionnaire when you register with them. has given me a lot of jobs. I registered and paid $60 a year I think it is, but it is worth it to me because I am self employed as a merchandiser. They will send me emails whenever a company has something in my area. It is then up to me to contact that company. I have more than paid for the fee. But there are a lot of free places out there to find this type of work. Unless you live in a very large city I doubt very much anyone can actually make a living doing this.
  10. fatman

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    A few years ago I tried mystery shopping too. I was fresh out of high school and looking for a job. I was on a well known job searching site and happened to see something about mystery shopping (pays well and free! or so it said). Since the article was on an established site I thought it seemed legitimate. I signed up for $30 and waited for more information.

    I wish I hadn't wasted my money. Occasionally I would get an email invitation for a place to go to, but they were not what the site advertised. Instead of getting paid to go to stores and buy items (that I can keep for free!), I got a few offers to open bank accounts at new banks. This is not what I expected, and the pay was VERY little. Eventually I decided to give up and never try secret shopping again. Since I paid $30 to join, I actually lost money.

    Since then I have tried other ways to make money online, but will never try this method again. However, I actually have known other people that had successful mystery shopper jobs and they enjoyed it. I guess I just joined with the wrong site. You can try this, but be CAREFUL and make sure the site is legitimate. Good luck and keep us posted on if it works our for you.
  11. busymomKristi

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    I have been mystery shopping for about 2 years now as a way to bring in extra income around my husband's rotating shift schedule. is a great resource for legitimate shopping sites. If you sign up with several companies (all of which are free to apply with) and look for jobs in your area regularly and build up a good reputation with the schedulers you will find that there is quite a bit of work out there. I also don't necessarily agree with the people who say it's only worth it if you are in or near a metro area. I have made most of my money by driving into rural areas and picking up the shops that other people weren't taking. I made sure to factor how much I needed to make in a day to make the travel/food expenses worthwhile and I average $100 per day that I work after gas and food.

    It's not all fun and games and you certainly won't "get rich quick" but I made as much as I would have working part time at a retail store until I slowed down to try something new.
  12. crawdaddydoo92

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    If you have any questions regarding Mystery Shopping look up someone named Cathy Stucker, aka the "Idea Lady". You could look up Lastly, one rule anyone with a hint of expirence will tell you is if the company wants to charge you to join RUN!!!! No legit company will EVER charge you a fee to join their site. If you would like I can send you a copy of the list Cathy gave me of legit companies, please note the list is quite old and some sites have changed/merged/gone away all together and some new ones may have shown up. Cathy can help you find the list on as well. If you want the list here's my email
  13. crawdaddydoo92

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