Anybody know about XECOR?

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  1. jonesy

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    I am in my 50's and looking to replace my current income with something I can do from home. I have been searching for about 4 months. Most of the "opportunities" are scams but a few caught my eye, a couple of which were shot down on this forum, and I'm grateful for that information. Does anyone have information about Xecor, a company that promotes a remote monitoring system using a computer or smartphone?
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    The company is just opening up so the one thing that one must be cautious with is whether or not the company has what is needed to stay in business beyond 2 years. 2 years is generally the accepted time frame used to see if a company will be a success as many new start up's fail within 2 years. But don't let that fact stop you if you believe that this company has a product you feel you can get behind and promote.

    If you believe that the monitoring system will be in high demand, you will still need to learn effective online techniques and strategies in order to succeed.
  3. jonesy

    I research everything, and as one who was involved with a security company, and know all the different types of systems on the market, most involving expensive installations, never mind long term contracts and monthly monitoring fees which are way more than Xecor at $9.00 a month, so when you compare all the systems, think not only about the lowest cost system, but also think about your privacy when having outsiders monitor your home or businesses.

    Personally, I want total control over my own personal home and businesses, so having a private system which I decide how I want to use it was important factor in deciding on a security and surveillance monitoring system. The price point is so much less than the competition, plus more advanced technology, the camera is a marvel, not stationary like all the others where you will need several cameras to cover most applications, Xecor swivals right to left, up and down and all around, amazing, and all controlled remotely, and with built in motion sensor activation, this is the best of the best I have evaluated.

    When I evaluate a business, if it does to offer verifiable value, as in, saving everyone money, then I won't waste my time. Xecor qualifies to be on my best low cost home business reviews, and as I like high tech products like this, plus with exploding security industry due to rising crime in many areas where unemployment is highest, I think this is a winner, not only for security, but look at the aging population, babyboomers, 70 plus million strong all having to deal with elderly parents, and not living close enough to be of help in many cases do to job markets, wouldn't you think monitoring your parents from a distance would provide some peace of mind?

    Then we have growing childcare industry, or need for baby sitters or nannies, wouldn't you like to keep an eye on your children from work or when traveling from your wireless cell phone. There are so many reasons I see this as a booming market that this is one of those businesses which is recession proof, a prime reason why I added it to my portfolio along with, low cost, superior technology, high demand, flexible uses, and a very lucrative compensation plan on inital sale, plus the residual, so it covers both issues important to me in business. If you can get most people into profit in the first three months, you have a strong chance of success.

    Success to all, Mike
  4. iwbuilder

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    I encountered Xecor a week ago and pre-enroll to evaluate the new program.

    Though the product is not so unique because there are already existing security cameras similar to it in the market, but Xecor's camera design and functionality is an edge. Along with the camera, you can also get a cheaper internet access system to remotely view the video taken by the camera.

    Xecor is still on pre-launch. As an introductory bonus, the company gives away $100 prize per day to those who could refer the most number of verified pre-enrollees in 24hours. The company will run this promo until launch day sometime in March 2010.

    I consider my lucky and on the right place in the right time, because I already earned $300 as free member who were able to sponsor the most free members within 24 hours for 3 days.[​IMG]

    You can check my blog to view my Paypal transaction report.

    Though it's too early, I could already say that Xecor is the real deal! I am earning money even without paying a dime.[​IMG]
  5. Congratulations,

    Always nice to hear of early successes, especially when it cost you nothing to register with Xecor. I research them all, especially free and low cost to start businesses, and I looked at this and researched early on and having given Louis, the owner, a little heads up on structuring program, I too was very pleased with his response.

    Hearing you too got paid as promoted for signing up the most free members makes me feel even better, so congratualtions again and thanks for posting your success. I look forward to hearing hundreds more seeing success with Xecor over the coming months, so good luck to all.

    Success to all,
  6. doubleu3

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    I know your post is a few months old, but I share many of the the goals and ideas you expressed in this comment. Have you been able to find any information on Xecor and what they're up to? I am like you, similar in age and desire to get into this business and have prior security experience. I would appreciate any comments or information you might have gathered.
    Thank you very much,
    Wayne Walker

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