Anybody notice that W*st steals your bonus money?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by eber3, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. eber3

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    I'm not sure how it works on other skills, but for Sh*pNBC you get either a per minute wage or your states min wage, whichever is higher. So if your per minute is less then min wage they pay the difference to bring it up to min wage. However, they also pay a bonus for each protection plan you sell. What I've noticed the last few checks is that they add the bonus to the per minute wage BEFORE figuring the min wage adjustment. So they are using what is supposed to be my bonus to offset the hourly min wage adjustment. Basically they are stealing my bonus money and using it to pay the hourly adjustment.
  2. mrslalas7

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    You know that is kinda similar to how I felt when I was in Proflowers (well currently with them now). they were giving promotion after promotion: $10/hr increased pay, $12/hr increased pay. I thought I was gonna make $740 because of the hours I worked of about 30 hours for the other 2 weeks. Then, turns out, it was based on the minute part and that I was paid around $180 and something. What a total rip off! I will just not work for them anymore because I did feel ripped off bad. But if anyone wants to work for some extra cash do not depend on WEst as a full time income unless you plan to do 2 or 3 skills. [​IMG]

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