Anyone dealt with Team National?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by Claymerica, Jan 20, 2009.

  1. Claymerica

    Claymerica New Member

    My friend keeps trying to get me and others involved in Team National which is mlm at its best from what i can tell. He raves about it but i think he is full of it at best. Does anyone have anything positive to share about them. Thanks
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I haven't heard of it yet, but remember that there are successful people in almost any mlm company out there....

    Your friend may be full of it, I don't know - I just know that I have been 'full of it' several times over the past twenty years as I waded in and out of mlms....but that doesn't mean it didn't work for the next guy down the pipe.[​IMG]
  3. Claymerica

    Claymerica New Member

    Excellent point! Thanks
  4. Bailey

    Bailey New Member

    I checked into Team National about a year ago. I found the guy's website and left my contact info. He seems to be doing great with it but he is a marketing expert (according to him) and it just didn't sound like something I could do. It's very expensive to join also. For me personally, I didn't see the value in the buying club. And I believe in order to get their price you have to order through them.
  5. cshakesby

    cshakesby New Member

    are you even interested in joining in an MLM company? The benefits can be rewarding, but you need to be careful. As i mentioned in a recent thread, i just joined a new MLM company called enlyten and i really only joined it to try the product. It launched January 9th, and when the product came out i fell in love with it. I am just now starting to build my team and what not to get this going, but im already making a few hundred a month just by selling the product to people i know. Thats the biggest thing in MLM..finding a legit company, with a legit product.

    let me know if you have any questions.
  6. gregfleming7

    gregfleming7 New Member

    I was active with Team National for about a year and made $15,000 or so with it. However, it does take a huge investment and most folks aren't willing to shell out $2000 to get "in" the success of the independent marketer depends soley on the continuation of "sales" beneath him on BOTH of his/her two legs. This is great if you keep getting folks "down there" that take off, but I ran out of prospects and am from a small town. Once all my friends/family were in I was done. They do not allow any type of internet's all got to be done with your warm market. Thank GOD for sending me a binary program that has been attractive to the masses!

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