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  1. smartdudeandrew

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    I just signed up at and they sent me the training manual. Ive been working and ive gotten a few sales now. Im wondering if anyone knows if they actually pay?

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  2. Sad,

    I research them all, and I wouldn't bother unless you are unethical and can live with yourself promoting apartments for rent which you do not have permission to advertise, sorry, not for me. There are better ways to market affiliate offers than under false pretense.

    Success to all,
  3. msteeinfo

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    Hey, I' looking for a good business to invest in. I know that there are scam artiss, schiesters and phony businesses, but I also know that there are REAL businesses that ACTUALLY PAY and do what they say. There are several small businesses that I've been working on that pay, ya know like 1c, 2c (per click) etc., but, I'm looking for something else that doesn't cost an arm and a leg, is ethical, that I can do from home online.
  4. yahia

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    msteeinfo, this is PTC (paid to click) not work, not a business ... just a scam.

    Google "the truth about PTC" and you'll know how dangerous PTC programs are.

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