Anyone familiar with AdVentures4u?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by smallmiracle, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    Became a paying advertiser recently. Heard they are an up and up site. Started in USA...are now based
    out of Panama.
    Any information would be greatly appreciated.



    Yes, with most of these adsurf deals being attacked in U.S., it was a good move to take it to Panama. lol All I can say is the owner, Steve Smith seems to be a straight shooter, answers all support emails, system seems to be squared away after a few server issues during move.

    Advertising on system appears to be working for me, I picked up a few orders already, so given it is so inexpensive, and the right target audience, I am not complaining. As to the commissions and earnings, so far so good as far as payment, so like all these deals, time will tell.

    Success to all, Mike
  3. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    Thanks Mike....

    You seem to be of the same opinion we are.....

    All going well for us too.

    As you said....time will tell.
  4. teenly

    teenly New Member

    I am not familar with this company. I have a home based business myself. I am always interested in hearing about different ones.

    I am very happy with my business now and I am doing well. If I can find another one I will do both.
  5. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    For anyone that might want to know..

    We've been in this program now, for some months since we first posted.
    We've made over three figures since we started.

    All seems well. We've cashed out some of it as well.

    4,000 more members now too.
  6. heistheanswer

    heistheanswer New Member

    You know, i joined adventures for you just recently and it relly looks like a program that will laast for a long long time. This is very much a passive program and if you have another online business it's a good way to promote your site. I do know several people that have done very very well with this particular program and others like it. Definitley one to keep an eye on and if you can affors to put a couple bucks into it I would recommend it.
  7. samda

    samda Member

  8. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    Thank you for this information
    I thought, that putting a link like that into a post...
    would get me in trouble
  9. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    We HAVE been advertising our other online business
    here too.
    We've had some responses.

    We've also, put another couple of bucks into it
    since we've joined.
    It's building up nicely.
    Checked the cash out end too.
    Went very smoothly
  10. moneymakinmama

    moneymakinmama New Member

    This sounds very promising...gonna check it out later.[​IMG]
  11. rennn

    rennn New Member


    I've been with them for 2 months. There support is excellent, sometimes getting back to you w/i minutes. Of course the more money you put in, the more you will make. You can only take out 50% of your profits at a time, w/o losing some of your ventures. Make sure you read up on that...

    Good luck,




    Yes, looking good so far, but the question is, has anyone pulled money out yet? I am just letting it roll.

    Success to all,
  13. workinmom19

    workinmom19 New Member

    Hi Teenly- I've thinking about getting into BB. How long have you been working the biz? Was it easy to recruit people? Please let me know because it sounds like an exciting opportunity. Thank you!
  14. mtinsdale

    mtinsdale New Member

    Very interesting. Yes I'm letting it roll over and grow. Should provide a nice nest egg in about a year.

    As for Ad-ventures4U it's great for promoting your primary program while surfing, building up credits and making an income from it at the same time.
  15. Homebiz99

    Homebiz99 New Member

    Hello - I am a member of Ad-ventures4u. I am very please with their support admin. I am purchasing more Ventures as often as I can. Basically, you'll receive !4 or 15% on your purchase. This is a real income opportunity and I am so happy I found it. The owner is Steve Smith and he has a very good reputation. An honest program. My goal is to get up to 5000 Ventures and that will give me an income of approximately $1,400 per month. By the time I get to $10,000 my income will be approximately $2,800 per month. No surfing required at that point. That is pretty exciting![​IMG]
  16. barbj857

    barbj857 New Member

    I' m a member of another program that is like Adventures4u. It's PayItForwardTraffic. If you don't have time to surf 25 websites a day here you only have to surf 50 websites a week. I've been a member for 3 weeks now and have made $2.45. I'm real happy with it. The more you put in the more it will grow.

  17. AvaJohns

    AvaJohns New Member

    Hey All,

    I just joined this forum today and so far it looks good [​IMG]

    With regard to AdVentures - does it matter what country you are in? Im in the UK. I tried following one of the links above but it said the site was under maintenance at the mo.

    Thanks for your help
  18. mtinsdale

    mtinsdale New Member

    The site has been under maintenance, but it is up and in operation again. The admin is still making changes to the new script so some areas are not quite complete, but when it's finished it will be much better. Surfing is much faster now with the new script.
  19. smallmiracle

    smallmiracle New Member

    Just stopped by to report, that, since joining this program last Feb,
    all is still well. We're very pleased.
    So pleased, that we've recently bought more ventures.

    We're very happy with the way the site is run, as well.
    We're never in the dark about any of the changes they make as
    they grow.
    4000 members when we joined. 50,000 now!
    It's a good thing!
  20. jhacker

    jhacker New Member

    I need help please. I am a member of ad-ventures4u. I recently got an email from Steve asking us to change our email to a gmail account. I did this and never got an activation link. I don't know if I entered the wrong email or what but now I'm not able to log in. Since I can't log in I can't get a support ticket submitted. I have found other emails to Steve but he will not answer any of them. I even found a phone number and left a message with it. Still no response. Could someone PLEASE create ba support ticket with them and tell them I need help. I'm losing surfing days which means I'm losing loney. My Ad-ventures I.D. IS 61329. My email is
    Thanks in advance.


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