Anyone getting annoyed with google ad words

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by BrianBoston, Jan 24, 2010.

  1. BrianBoston

    BrianBoston New Member

    The last couple of days I noticed google stopped running my ads.
    It says my keywords are fine but my landing page is poor and I have no idea why because my ads were running a few days ago. And the customer support is terrible, just looking for some help from anyone who might have experienced this. Also where it used to tell me the first page bid number, now it just says rarely show due to low quality score or something like that.
    Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. joanpeterson

    joanpeterson New Member

    It could be that google is getting ready to 'boot' you out. There were a large number of people recently who were told by Google that they were no longer qualified for adwords and were banned for life.
  3. BrianBoston

    BrianBoston New Member

    Were they given any reason why?
    I finally got an email from someone today and they told me it had something to do with the number of ads to content ratio.
  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Are you talking about adsense or adwords?
  5. BrianBoston

    BrianBoston New Member

  6. anthony2313

    anthony2313 Member

    you may have to improve your quality score.

    to be honest adwords might be the best way to advertise

    your business online, when you are talking about

    speed (get started an 5 mins) and leads that are targeted

    they may not be anything like adwords online. But i am

    getting sick of all these google slaps. It seems like there

    trying to push internet marketers out. I am looking more

    at yahoo and msn ppc now.
  7. timbonderud

    timbonderud New Member


    Hi Brian

    I have found that when the landing page does not really seem to relate to your add campaign it can be a problem. What i do is run quite a few different landing pages allowing me great flexablitiy with my campaigns and keywords. Take Care.
  8. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    I have read many posts in IM forums, both public and private where these seemingly unfair things are going on.

    There are new solutions coming up where you will be able to advertise for a fair price.

    I truly believe things are on the brink of changing-for the people. Us.

    Perhaps Adwords wants to filter and sift, keeping the accounts with a long time standing and high quality score.

    Anyway, keep your eyes open to reasonable paid advertising solutions!
  9. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    They want you to have a good quality score because it forces you to make your landing page relevant to the ad.

    The only ebook I've seen that did a pretty good job of teaching Adwords was "Beating Adwords" by Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate. You don't have to be a member to buy the ebook.

    I've always found Adwords to be too expensive. If you want an alternative to Adwords, 7 Search has worked for me. But if you're willing to pay for advertising anyway and want maximum results, I recommend instead that you advertise on a website, blog or forum that already gets highly targeted traffic.

    The way to find these high-traffic sites is to type into Google:
    "your niche" + advertise.

    Make sure the site tells you how many unique visitors they're getting per month and where the ad spots are going to be. Ads on these sites can range from $50/month to $250/month. You can use banners or text links, whatever the site master offers. It's totally worth it because you're getting targeted traffic. And in the long run, it's cheaper than pay per click. You can blow through $50 in a day with PPC.

    I'm in the internet marketing niche, and I'm advertising on a Make Money Online Blog for $50/month with just a text link. I started 16 days ago, and I've gotten over 80 people into my list so far.

    I recommend you send traffic to a list for best results.


    You also got to have a good landing page that converts pretty well. What I mean by "converts" is anything you wish your landing page to do -- make a sale, get people to opt-in to your list, click on an image -- whatever you want. If you're getting traffic and no conversions, nothing is wrong with the traffic. It's your landing page. It's not convincing people to do anything.

    I briefly looked at your landing page, and I recommend you put the opt-in form right there on the page rather than having visitors click through to find it. The fewer steps they go through, the better. Make it as easy for your visitors as possible.

    Additionally, I would recommend you put an image of the ebook you're giving them on your opt-in page as well. If you tell someone you're going to give them something for free, but they don't know what it looks like, they'll be hesitant to stick their name into it. In fact, the less information you ask for, the better. I usually like to keep it to Name and Email.

    Third, make sure you send your subscribers to a confirmation page when they do opt-in. After they confirm, then send them to a download page to get the ebook. If they stick the name in the list, and they get the book right away without confirming, you won't be able to contact any of these people in the future.

    The reason why autoresponders have a confirmation page in the first place is to keep fake emails out of your list.

    If you need to tweak your landing page, do so. Zazz it up a bit. Make it look interesting. Make a Catchier headline -- something! Just keep testing.

    If your landing page is simply your affiliate link to the merchant's site, then his landing page sucks, and you need to make your own to soften the sell.

    Just keep testing.
  10. BrianBoston

    BrianBoston New Member

    Thanks to everyone so far, this is great info for me to work with.
    I will put the contact info on the front page as Gowriter suggested. I switched it around because i wasn't sure if that was the reason they stopped running my ad.
    Thanks again, you have all been very helpful
  11. vinnymatrix

    vinnymatrix Guest

    Google is very strict... They have soooooo many members for each of there different services they dont care who they boot.
  12. fpullman

    fpullman New Member

    what a great post by Gowriter. Thank you for reminding me of things i already know well but keep forgetting. Yes it is important to tweak landing pages but to do that effectively, you need more than one version and a way of split testing. Test both, keep the one with the better conversion rate, then move on. Keep doing this with small changes and eventually you'll get good conversions from your traffic.
    again, thanks

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