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  1. StuartOnline

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    Hi all,
    Anyone ever heard of, tried, tested etc. BankersProfits system?
    The old 'seems too good to be true' scenario although very feasable.
    Only thing is it doesn't explain on the site how to collect the money.
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  2. morton19

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    Hey Stuart,

    I hope this helps, but I have found myself becoming very cautious of websites that are vague on the product or service that they offer. Additionally when I visited their website I noticed that they did not have a contact link, or anything showing a place of business.

    I wish you luck
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  3. StuartOnline

    StuartOnline New Member

    Thanks for that, I have since visited a bunch of review sites and understand what's going on a bit better! The system works and is foolproof - except - at some point you would exceed the stake allowed.
    This is because you have to keep doubling the stake every time you lost but the casinos have a limit.
    Also looks like it's the casinos themselves that have created the site so as to lure prospects in to lose their ??????.
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  4. davo

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    The system does not work and BankersProfits is a scam and a con!

    Its a Martingale system and there are countless proofs that show the casinos will eventually nail you. It doesn't take much to build such a system in Excel (using the RAND function to show Red or Black) and you can demonstrate to yourself that you might be ok for a while but soon enough you will lose all your money, including any initial sum of money from the Casinos (ie. $200). Why the hell else would the casinos give you that sum of money to start off with? They know the odds are stacked in their favour. Listen to the logic and stay the hell away from this crock of crap.

    For further information, BankersProfits is run by a guy called Chris Cobb from Essex, London. He is a fast-buck merchant, prepared to run with scams. There are enough comments out on the net that query the bona-fides of this guy if you want to check.

    Btw, these comments include that he was brought up with parents who are Amway distributors. In my experience and opinion, Amway distributors have a wierd moral compass. That is, they actively seek to make anyone they meet, including friends, pyramid distributors for their own gains. Hence, the feeling when you meet them that underlying machinations are responsible for all the smiles and friendliness.

    I'm providing that information as to my opinion of why this guy is a materialistic jerk happy to resort to any fast buck scheme so that he can get a new Porsche and post the pics on his website as to how successful he is.

    Anyway, ad-homenim arguments aside, the guy purports to be a PhD in mathematics. In which case he would know the martingale system is a fraud. In which case, that's confirmation he's a scam merchant.

    And thats my reasons for saying avoid the hell out of this site and warn anyone who is thinking of coming into contact with Chris Cobb. The less the internet rewards the shabby business practices of these kinds of people, the better.
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