Anyone Heard Of BIGMONEY Pro???

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by BigmoneyPRO, Jan 9, 2007.

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    Hello anyone ever hear anything about BigmoneyPro 2.0 Its a program that lets you build 5-10 income streams and market them from one marketing system.The starting programs are like $10 per
    month and they include GDI,Leadsomatic,The Npn Plan,Bring Your Buddy And More.Please let me know what anyone has experienced
    and head about this business.Thanks
  2. piggybanker

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    I'm not familiar with BigmoneyPro 2.0 but I noticed
    your signature link shows PIF4P or payitforward4profits
    which is pretty much the same thing you're describing.

    There are many sites similar to those popping up every
    month it seems.

    My suggestion is join the free ones and devour all that
    free information, decide which tools they offer fit your
    needs the best, test the marketing sites they suggest,
    and then compare it all and develop your own system
    that works for you and your business.

    I use Response Magic autoresponder that was offered
    by PIF4P, RoboForm which I found two years ago, GDI
    because they're still here while others died, Google
    Adwords because it works, and a free wsiwyg editor
    called NVU (pronounced In View).

    I also use ClickBank, Commisssion Junction, and Modern
    Clicks for affiliate and reseller programs.

    Once you've picked your favorites it's time to create your
    own web site.

    I followed a video program for the site I'm currently
    designing. Two sqeeze pages are ready and if the
    testing works I'll purchase a domain name and turn up
    the volume on the advertising.

    Keep in mind that controversy can create traffic. Did
    you see what Scott "Nada Guru" Boulch did with his
    'Death of Adsense' last year.

    Nearly 40,000 people signed up in a matter of weeks.

    Yes, he's still going strong and he just come out with
    his latest ... guess how big his list is now?

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