Anyone heard of Changes Worldwide?

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    I just got into this company and the perks sound phenomenal! Their motto is "Changing Lives. Changing your Economy. Changing the Game!" From the looks of it they sound like a business built on great values.
    They have phone-rooms set up that screen potential prospects and ads in various home marketing magazines that acquire the prospects so you are getting top quality leads!
    For one they donate 10 percent off the top of the companies earnings to helping worldwide groups such as:

    -Stop Sex Trafficking
    - Helping provide medical supplies and medical care to countries that ca't afford it.
    -Helping put a stop to world hunger
    -Skills help to countries that have no skills training. Basically teaching them to build their economy and flourish.

    Two they have 7 different ways they pay out
    -One being the matrix which pays a little over 6k per month when full
    -Two is business volume. Everything tallied up over your whole teams production. 10k earns you a plus 5 percent bonus 50k earns you another 5 percent and so on all the way up to a million! You can also earn a new Benz with this payout
    -Three there is a ad credit bonus. This is by far my favorite. This one would take alot of explaining but would pay out 20k per month when maxed out.
    -Four is day trading seminars which the company sets up for you you just provide the place to hold it. The company promises you a minimum of 25 people coming to these things! The company also hires speakers to sell the product for you! Every product they sell earns you 1000 dollars commission! That is insane
    I won't go into the other three yet because I am still learning them.

    Products they offer
    -Amazing weight loss supplements
    -Travel: this one is crazy. I found a 3 day trip to Vegas for 16 bucks plus you provide air fare but still!
    -wireless: They partnered with verizon and offer discounted phone bills!
    -Healthcare: you can't sell it because you have to be licensed but this helps out with the bonus pool because everyone earns on this. The company hires licensed professionals to sell this coverage.

    The list goes on but I am going to stop here. Maybe someone else who has had experience with this business can offer some input?

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    It looks to me like another new MLM company.

    Time will tell if they grow fast and have a lot of success stories like Amway.

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