Anyone heard of HyperVre?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by taberdude, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. taberdude

    taberdude New Member

    Hi all,

    I stumbled across HyperVre. I downloaded the free software but have not signed up as a member yet. The software is a bit limited until you become a gold member.

    Anyway, I played with the software and literally had my mind blown away by how fast you could build a niche website. Took me 15 minutes even with the small learning curve.

    Please note, I'm not trying to sell it. Has anyone joined this site? Is it worth it to join? Do you think that the software could be used alone and just upload a finished site to your own webhost?

    Somebody clue me in. I'm still saying WOW!

  2. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    I have, I downloaded and tried the free version. (be sure and download the free templates from the member's section), I played around with it, there is a learning curve. I did get a multi-page website up after some trial and error. What they say in the training videos is true - its a good idea to past your adsense code directly into the template at the adsense tag.

    If you are very new to affiliate or adsense marketing you might find HyperVRE difficult. You also have to have a hosted domain to load the generated content onto. If you have just a few web skills and a domain I recommend the software. You can download it free from the link in my signature - up to you.
  3. taberdude

    taberdude New Member

    Hi Marktech,
    I did download the templates as well. Have you signed up to be a gold member or do you think that the software can be used alone?

    I do have a webhost and have signed up with both adsense and clickbank. I have not tried to upload to my host yet as I need to purchase a domain that refers to this niche.

    I'm not really techie, but am thinking I should get a host that supports multiple domains.

    Still, I was really impressed with the software as it cuts alot of time, does it appear that the sites are search engine friendly, already?

    Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated.

  4. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    taberdude: Have you signed up to be a gold member or do you think that the software can be used alone?

    Hey Deanna,
    Is there a monthly fee for this system or is a onetime investment? If so, how much is it. TIA[​IMG]
  5. taberdude

    taberdude New Member

    Hi Mountainmom,

    I just went and took a peak. There is a monthly program for $24.95.

    Or they have a gold membership for one time fee of $147.00.

    Also a referral program called silver where you refer 5 people.

    They also have a no questions asked 30 day money back.

    I'm still trying to decide on my membership. All I've done is download the software. Wow-I was truly amazed!

    Hope this helps.

  6. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    The free version can be used to generate websites with a lot of content. I have learned much just from using the program. I'm still new when it comes to hosting a website but I am seriously considering the gold version - there's just too many extra benefits to ignore. If I have some success with the free version I will probably get the gold. There are many benefits of the free version I have not fully explored however and until I do I will hold off on any purchase. I will say that a lot of the pro's over at the warrior forum give HyperVRE a thumb's up. One guy over there said you get the best effect from HyperVRE if you mix original content with the provided articles from the article search. Oh yes, the free version is totally free - the $24.95 program is for a monthy upload of new niche templates - which may be a good idea but you can experiment with the software just with the many free templates, (which can be edited), that you can download when you get access to the membership area after you download the free version of the software.
  7. swain35205

    swain35205 New Member

    Im very new to NyperVRE and was wondering how do you get paid? Is it through PayPal? I have recently purchased the free version and Im about to download the free version tonight. I have been told that I should go through everthing first and then begin to create. Would love any pointers anyone could give me. Thanks
  8. swain35205

    swain35205 New Member

    Sorry about the corrections. Thats HyperVRE! lol.
  9. makingafriend

    makingafriend New Member

    Hello everyone

    I heard about hypervre on utube a guy was showing how he earn over $6000 with the software and i was so impressed he made it look so easy he just was showing his google adsense account and how much he made and what he was making before using this software.

    After seeing that im definately going to check into this I no im just very new to internet marketing but hey you got to start somewhere

    Do you know if the software actually build websites you dont need nothing at all but the Hypervre software to build the website Im sorry im a little new to all this


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