Anyone heard of IPC?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by Elljay, Jul 23, 2008.

  1. Elljay

    Elljay New Member

    Hi guys

    I was just having a search through google for more of the best online income systems and have come across one called Independent Profit Center. Has anyone heard of this or tried it? All I seem to be able to find is good reviews and havent come across anything bad about it yet (apart from the cost which is $200.00 + $49.00 domain cost). One thing I have noticed though is that it will come under many different sites, I think the whole thing with the system is that you sell this product from your own site and keep all the profits.

    Just wondering if it would be worth investing that amount of money?

    J xxx

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  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Its hard to really know anything about it because the landing page from the link above has almost no information about the program.
  3. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    I agree with getagrip - without knowing what the products are and how their system works, it is hard to give an analysis.[​IMG]
  4. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    Here's the original link that was posted:
  5. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    I took a look at the site and everything to me looks good. But the key to this business just like anyother business out there is generating leads.
  6. BeInProfitMode

    BeInProfitMode New Member

    I've found some good success with the Independent Profit Center. The cost is $249 plus domain and hosting but each sale you bring in is $200 of your own profits. You never pass up any commissions or pay any membership fees beyond your initial investment. This means that you can make back your initial investment after 2 sales. You also get $4,000+ of e-books and software that is part of each sale and you can use at your leisure.

    The big selling point for me was the amount of training that is provided. The back office is full of video and audio clips that guide you through the whole process of getting setup and placing many forms of advertising. New tips are frequently added. I'm creating a large list of prospects just using the free advertising techniques provided. The training has also helped me market my other streams of income effectively.

    The founder is also very good with answering emails and phone calls and he just started a live training webinar series. It's very hard to fail with this program if you follow the training and put in the time. It is true that generating a good prospect list like any other business is key, but the program helps you along very well.

    I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a part-time, work at home business opportunity. You can check out my IPC link in my signature.
  7. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    I agree IPC (Independent Profit Center), is perfect for beginners and veteran marketers. I have had huge success with IPC and I love this program. It gives anyone a very fair chance to be successful. There are no passup sales and no monthly fees ever!

    Personally I am averaging 1.5 sales per day and I have only been in IPC for 3 weeks. I love it.
  8. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    The $49 domain cost is excessive, they usually cost $8 or less
  9. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Sorry pcwork, but you must me confused. There is no $49 domain fee here. The $49 fee is a one time payment to the company for the web hosting and maintenance fees for your website. There are no monthly fess with the IPC Program unless you choose to host your own website with a third party company that provides hosting services. (Such as Lunar Pages or GoDaddy.)

    Hope this helps.
  10. Cjay

    Cjay New Member

    I'd like to add in a unique insight from someone who isn't promoting IPC program (or at least not anymore...)

    IPC was the program that "broke my cherry" into the industry so to speak. I was compelled by its strong ad page, the compensation model, and the "mid ticket" entry price.

    The training is definitely excellent, and teaches you in great detail, the foundation to successfully market your IPC website. I truely did learn my ropes with this program...

    I want to clarify some things here now...the 49 dollar fee goes to the Creater Dan Miller, for providing the replicated website, which is the system that runs the program. Good luck making a profit selling the e-books and software individually.

    Here is what kind of gets me down, after my initial honeymoon period with the program...

    They say no monthly fee's, but the reality is, you aren't going to get ANYWHERE with the program without setting up an Autoresponder to help follow up prospects. This is obviously an industry standard.
    My subscription to Awebber, is 19.99 a month. It's a necessary tool for your IPC business, and Awebber is A PLUS in terms of quality and service.

    Hosting fee's, and a domain name to "brand" yourself is definitely NOT included in the supposed 250 dollar up front cost. You may easily pay 6 dollars a month for hosting and domain, and they go through LunarPages. Even with the IPC discount, you're urged to pay for a 1 year contract to get the special pricing.

    All in all, you're looking at roughly 350 to start up, not including advertising. I'd suggest budgeting 50 more dollars to make use of Yahoo's 100 dollar pay per click credit for first time advertisers...

    To get rolling, thats about 400 dollars. Do you see why the program wouldn't sell as well if they stated these up front??

    Nonetheless, the program is legit, and it's making people money. I've personally made 3 Sales in my 4 week's of learning everything. So i've got my investment back and some change...

    Many of my prospects, and people i contact from my opt-in list state a desire to get started, but it just comes down to having the right amount of funds to start up. Once i start explaining to them more of the cost (because i like to be real about it), I start to lose them.

    My other commentary's about IPC
    * their autoresponder messages in my opinion are UGLY and boderline too much HYPE.

    * I don't believe the claim that everyone will have an even playing field to succeed, because as a newbie will learn... you're going to have to invest some of yourself and your "soul" into IPC, by either promoting on youtube, or doing things above an beyond, free ad's and pay per click. The autoresponder really does a shitty job in my opinion of closing prospects, it only reminds them what IPC is again after they forgt about it. I've closed my sales via genuine correspondence via email, and one on the phone...

    All in all, I don't regret joining the program. I've made my money backed and learned what it takes to make money online. I still have my IPC business for as long as Dan Miller want's to keep it running. I promote it here and there out in the vast the google content network on my niche keywords. Other than that, It was what it was for me.
  11. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Let me add my 2 cents here.

    First of all IPC is a great program. I joined on September 10th and have since made 13 sales. The web site is very well put together. It explains everything in full detail it doesn't leave anything out.

    Anyone who is looking to start a business should know that there will be other costs involved when it comes to running your business.
    It is recommended that you get and Aweber account, but It is not mandatory to be successful with IPC. I personally know this. I didn't get my Aweber account until I had made my first few sales and I didn't have any problems at all.

    The deal with Lunar Pages is an option for those who would like to host their own site and brand themselves. It's a smart decision because hosting your own website helps you get ranked higher in the Google search engine. I didn't go that route I am working with the replicated website, which is exactly the same. I'm fine with that.

    To sum it all up, this is the best program on the internet. No pass up sales and no monthly fees. People are jumping all over this. As with anything in life you do have choices. If you choose to use Aweber you will pay $19.99 a month. If you host your own site through Lunar Pages you will pay $7.00 a month. That is your choice as an adult and as a business owner.

    Hope This Helps.
  12. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that I made all of those 13 sales from Youtube. So free marketing does work when you know how to do it. It doesn't take a huge marketing budget to make money with IPC.
  13. Cjay

    Cjay New Member

    Good input's "itsmikewhite".

    I might take the plunge one day and put myself out there on youtube for IPC, it sounds like it's definitely worth it.

    Although I wouldn't go so far as saying it's the "best program on the internet", as it's longevity (not even 6 months old?) and market strength over time is still to be observed. Heck, i've heard a ton of good thing's about Ibuzz Pro from a few of my contacts that i trust. I'll admit, I'm tempted to throw down the dough for that high ticket item while it's hot.

    You also seem like a pretty good mentor, who's finding a good balance between promoting/and helping people get solid facts to make their own decisions.
  14. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Absolutley Cjay! I take much pride in menotring and coaching anyone who decides to join me in business. I've been scammed before. I've lost thousands. It's not a great feeling at all. I like being able to sleep at night. Therefore I do everything I can in my power to make sure anyone I do business with is successful with their online business. It is very important to me.

    I'm a member of iBuzzpro myself and it is a great tool. I'm just starting to use it to market my IPC business and things are building up very fast. I'm a leader and coach for the POWER TEAM. We have two team coaching calls per week and it's wonderful when people come to the call excited because they're making money money.
  15. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    Thought I'd post my results for the week. I made 6 sales for a total profit of $1,200. I didn't spend any money on advertising. All of my sales came from Youtube. Web 2.0 is powerful and I'm sharing my tips and strategies with everyone who joins my team.
  16. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    how many videos do you have on youtube? what is your channel?
  17. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    how are you promoting ipc
  18. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    I'm using 3 methods Only.

    1. Voice Broadcasting
    2. Backpage
    3. Youtube

    This is all I do, but I work these startegies consistently on a daily basis.

    I provide all of my new team members with the Backpage Auto Posting Software for free. I use the software to ppost 100's of ads daily.

    Hope this helps.
  19. sp005

    sp005 Guest

    do you need to change your ip for the backpage?also, how many voice broadcasts do you use daily?
  20. itsmikewhite

    itsmikewhite New Member

    I don't change my IP address. I just use multiple Gmail accounts. For every 5 ads I post I use a different Gmail account. I normally post 100 ads per day. It only takes about 30 minutes. You can post much more than that. If you want to put more time into it.

    I usually do 2 broadcast per day. About 3,000 numbers and I only leave messages on answering machines with my web address.

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