Anyone heard of Jeff Paul's shortcuts ?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by daddyosb, Jan 14, 2009.

  1. daddyosb

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  2. kendallharrison

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    I have heard of it and have found a lot of negative things online about it, but I have never tryed it. If you do try it I would love to here from you on how it goes.
  3. BeAChampion

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    Yes, I wrote a review on him and his short cuts thing that you can find on Ezine Articles.

    A lot people like him and some don't.
  4. wamem

    wamem New Member

    Yepp heard of him and actually purchased the product ... I say stay far away ... he offers all this free stuff which is all bogus! The websites that you are supposed to get are mostly promoting jeff pauls internet shortcuts and the other few websites have maybe one or two products on them

    when you get the package in the mail it gives you about 6 or 7 papers saying call this number now to set up your website ... or call now to get your personal coach..... there was about two or three different numbers and each one that you called wanted you to set up with a personal coach that would cost a few thousand dollars

    another thing about jeff pauls internet shortcuts is that its based on gorilla marketing which is basically hounding a person to purchase

    I do have to say that some of the information provided is decent however I was currently in internet marketing program and all of the information provided in jeff pauls was also in the program im in now and I only paid a one time fee for the program im in and jeff pauls you have to become a member

    oh and the whole money back guarantee with jeff pauls is also bogus i tried to cancel and get a refund ... nope was impossible they ended up charging my account two more times before they closed it

    I have heard mostly negative things about the program too I would say about 98% of people were disgusted with the product and the other 2% liked it and that 2% only liked it because they already knew what they were doing and didn't pay thousands for the coaching

    Sorry so long its just jeff pauls program gets me going
    If you know what you're doing then it might be a decent program for you, not a great one but decent however if you don't know about internet marketing its going to be a waste of time and money
  5. kllyhwrd

    kllyhwrd New Member

    My boyfriend and I just cancelled our membership with him.He sends you some books that actually do have some general info in them.To continue in the program they apparently want you to invest more and more money.
  6. dani_nae

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    is this the guy that is always on the paid programs at night?! that guy drives me nuts!!!
  7. mirab

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    Anyone who would believe you can make the amount of money they say they are making per month deserves to lose the $39.00 (I lost mine years ago)

    I forget the exact amount the testimonies say but it was some ungodly amount like 50,000 per week.

    He has two first names. That makes it hard to trace him.

    I hate that guy and his big boob girls on the commercials. well maybe not them so much. But those kind of hype make me mad. Anytime you see something like that for $39.00 you can bet you have to sign up for the thousand dollar mentor program.
  8. shamrock

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    The company I work for actually handles the ordering for this product. I have no idea if it works. What I do know is that if you call in to buy this "$39" program, the person taking the order will try to sell you at LEAST $500 worth of additional "information". Plus they will likely try to sign you up for completly unrelated services, like buying clubs and magazines, that you didn't even call in about! My opinion on this particular program is the same on I have about ANY program that tries to sell you "information". DON'T DO IT!!!! Unless you are looking for specific personal and/or confidential information about a specific entity or person, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, pay for information. You can get any information you want absolutely FREE on the internet. Remember, unless you are born into it or you hit a jackpot, there are no "shortcuts" to wealth.
  9. dlozen

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    I agree with most of what you said about paying for information. BUT I do belive that there are useful progra,mms out there that can help everyone. Especially a newbie... Two of my favorits are
    eCurrency Arbitrage... costs 297.00 and The Guru Assassin...

    the first one teaches the basics of affilliate marketing and the second one has a lot of informatin that would take you years to find out on your own...

    Just one man's opinion.
  10. KarlFabian

    KarlFabian New Member

    I get e-mails from Jeff and Paul all the time.
    I listened to a couple of their free seminars
    and once the $900 mentoring was brought up I bugged out. There is so much free information online on SEO and business marketing that I can't see why anyone would pay money for the same info.
    If you must pay money to buy a ready made program, I suggest you at least spend it for online college classes about Internet marketing business.
    Good Pluck,
  11. janalton

    janalton New Member

    What did you do to get your membership refund? Believe me this a hot topic. You will be helping so many people.
  12. janalton

    janalton New Member

    If you were able to get a refund from jeff paul's internet shortcuts, could you please share how did you do it?thanks.
  13. TyBrown

    TyBrown New Member

    I've got to disagree with Shamrock. EVERYBODY pays for information. Whether you buy a book, buy a CD course, DVD course, take a college class, whatever it is the people who INVEST in themselves and pay for information that make money.

    Yes, you can find tons of great free information online. You also have to wade through piles of junk to get it. If you want a shortcut then you need to learn what mistakes to avoid. You do that by investing in information a.k.a education. Anyone who says don't invest in information doesn't get it, it's all about education.

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Jeff Paul is the one to invest with to get information. I have no idea about his program. All I do know is that the wealthy people I know are constantly buying informational products. I went for years trying to do it the free way myself so I understand that mindset. When I finally started investing in information, though, is when my income shot way past 6 figures. I think if you aren't in the habit of investing in information then you are most often doomed to a life of wanting more.
  14. jeffsfan

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    I'am a fan of Jeff. He's just great. When he start talking my account start growing! just amazing! I'm already a miljoniar
  15. mjb13815

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    I have seen jeff pauls internet shortcuts on tv and I have heard many negetive reviews about it. But seeing how there are all these negetive reviews about it, why would it still be on television. All these "get rich quick programs" are what make internet marketing have such a bad reputation and many people just think about it as a scam.

    There are valuable informational programs that are designed to educate people who are interested in making money online. We just have to look for them and do research. I know I have found a few that are very educational and of high quality.

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