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    hi, I was researching work at home jobs and I came across a website called Has anyone else seen it? It has a eight week guarantee and its sight is protected by 4 different Trust Guards. I looked them up on the BBB and they have only had two complaints in the past 36 months and they were settled in the past year. Has anyone tried it? Please let me know because I am really close to buying it. Thanks! You can also email me at
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    The one thing I can tell you about them is that they don't really offer REAL AT HOME JOBS but they teach you more about selling other people's products for commissions and they do a good job of taking every single customer and let them sell their site to others who are looking to work at home online.

    Their main focus is on AFFILIATE programs.

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    Yes, they are just about affiliate marketing with review sites.

    While there certainly are online jobs with the explosion of the internet but not like most people think. Online jobs which means one is looking for online income is overwhelmingly in the home income opportunity arena.

    If one is going to market (work) online having a network marketing business is most wise. Affiliate marketing, aka direct sales, is cool, but nothing surpasses the power of leveraging your time and efforts with network marketing.
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    I bought into a couple of years back and I think the program is really good if you can stick with what they suggest - they mostly promote ebook affiliate marketing but also have lots of info about other methods of making money online. What I did like is that they have an entire library of ebooks on every internet marketing subject out there which is very useful.
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    I agree with everyone here. If you're a quick learner and you're comfortable with selling products online, then I would suggest this program, as they do a pretty good job laying everything out in an easy to follow fashion.

    If you're looking for an actual "work at home job" (as in, as an employee to another company), then this isn't what you're looking for.
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