Anyone heard of makemoneytakingsurveys?

Discussion in 'Paid Surveys' started by marteze, Sep 17, 2008.

  1. marteze

    marteze New Member

    Hello members,
    This is an online survey site.They charge $39.95 for membership.They promise to give you an extensive database of companies who pay cash for surveys. Are they legit?Below is their url :
  2. Casper

    Casper New Member

    marteze: Hello members,
    This is an online survey site.They charge $39.95 for membership.They promise to give you an extensive database of companies who pay cash for surveys. Are they legit?Below is their url : I'd stay away you can sign up to survey sites for free as most of those kinds of websites don't give you actual surveys to do, They often just provide you with a list of where you can do surveys so keep your money & if you do a bit of research on this forum your bound to find something that's not only good but it's free.
  3. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    As Casper said, Make Money Taking Surveys is just a large database of survey companies you can join. This information is available elsewhere for free. I joined them last year on a recommendation from a blog that I followed. The blogger said I would make $200+ a week from their surveys, but he lied. I ended up asking for a refund.
  4. happygal

    happygal Member

    Anyone that charges you for a list of surveys is wasting your time and money.
  5. dkrencisz

    dkrencisz New Member

    Stay with the free ones, I spent a few weeks of back and forth emails with the "company" and paypal for a refund from a survey company. My wife thought she was doing a good thing by helping out, but the promise of wealth and riches and 100 dollar an hour never hapened. instead, we were bombed with phone call after phone call from 9:01 am to 8:59pm for a few weeks.
  6. mlynn

    mlynn Member

    Here is my personal experience: I paid a survey "membership" site about 4 years ago when I started doing paid surveys, and I ended up canceling the membership and requested refund. The reason is they have lot of junk sites (spam/scam) on their database/list and I got tons of spams as a result, and I had to unsubscribe from those sites. It was totally a waste of my time and money.[​IMG]
  7. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    There are many survey websites which you can join for free, don't waste your money
  8. happygal: wasting your time

    I think just the opposite, if you join a site that has a great list of paid surveys sites to join, they are saving you time, and all you have to do is sign up to those sites.
  9. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    CashSurveysOnly: f you join a site that has a great list of paid surveys sites to join, they are saving you time

    You are correct, but similar lists can be found for free elsewhere online. True, it may take more searching to find these lists for free, but most people looking for surveys are trying to make money online, not spend it!
  10. happygal

    happygal Member

    absolutely...all you have to do is ask most of the people out there who do surveys and do well who they are with and most, like me, will be happy to tell you.
  11. makemoneyonline

    makemoneyonline New Member

    I wish people would just stay away from these survey sites.
  12. enbenv

    enbenv New Member

    Hi Guys I just registered on the site today.I need your honest opinion I am really battling financially at the moment and am genuinely seeking advise from people who are currently doing surveys online and getting paid for it. I seek your advise on legitimate sites that are currently paying.And is surveys the only way to go with regard to home based business.Please assist with any important and legitimate information.
  13. kristan

    kristan New Member

    Survey sites aren't all bad. It's a nice way to make a part time income. I didn't look at that site, but I have purchased a directory before. The information wasn't any better than what you can find free elsewhere and it was just links; there weren't any descriptions telling you and many of the links were not for surveys at all.
  14. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    lilokster: If you have the money to spend on a survey membership, then go for it. But don't think that since you "paid" for it, it will be better than a free one. Chances are that you will be very disappointed, request your money back, and then go around telling everyone that paid surveys are a scam.

    I completely agree. Since they think the directory was a scam, they assume the whole business of doing surveys is a scam, which is completely not the case.

    You may be able to make money with surveys...not saying you will, because not matter how many survey companies you sign up with, you are only going to get to take part in the surveys that your meet the requirements for. They give out access to surveys based on your demographics (age, gender, location, job, etc.).

    Basically, they are not scams, but you are better off spending your time doing something else to make money online...unless you have the perfect demographics that every survey fits.
  15. happygal

    happygal Member

    Totally. Sites that ask you for money for lists of surveys are scams. Period. Will they give you a decent list of sites? Sometimes. Not always. So the surveys themselves are not scams. Just people trying to make money off your interest in doing them...Not to mention that you won't learn anything off a paid list that you couldn't get for free elsewhere.

    There are at least 50 legitimate, paying, FREE survey sites that I am with that have all paid me. And I easily make $500-600 a month doing just surveys. So it can happen. But I have never spent a penny doing surveys.
  16. lilokster: It's those paid sites that have given this industry a bad name. That, and all of the "incentive sites" and "rewards programs" that market themselves as paid surveys.

    I agree with you that the incentive sites and reward programs are giving the paid survey industry a bad name and bad reputation. But sites which provide you with a list of paid survey sites are not bad, and don't ruin the industry reputation.
  17. Kecia08

    Kecia08 New Member

    CashSurveysOnly: But sites which provide you with a list of paid survey sites are not bad, and don't ruin the industry reputation.

    Actually, they kinda least the ones you have to pay for do. I know many people who now think taking surveys is a scam because they purchased a list from Make Money Taking Surveys or somewhere similar, signed up for tons of survey sites on the list they provided, and when they didn't make anything, said the whole thing is just a big scam. They see it as they spent money, and got nothing in return...not realizing that the place they spent their money really had nothing to do with their success, other than to give them a list of places, and say "go sign up." Especially those survey directories that tell you upfront you will make $100's a day...

    Sorry for the rambling. [​IMG]
  18. photomom04

    photomom04 New Member

    I agree with Kecia completely. I was someone who spent money on a list and was sorely disappointed. I then sorted through it and put up a free list of paid surveys.

    The other type of list that gives surveys a bad name are the ones that include companies that have nothing to do with surveys. They include ptr's like inboxdollars and they throw in a bunch of offer sites that say they are survey sites but aren't.

    These lists even if they are free end up making the end user frustrated and overwhelmed and then pretty soon you hear the "surveys are a scam and want your credit card" line.

    On the other hand when you find someone who has used a good list and only signed up with real survey sites you will hear many good things. I've been taking surveys for around five years now and love it. In the beginning after buying that list.. I was NOT one of the happy people though.
  19. Hi Kecia08,

    I hear your point, if someone pays for a list and the site does not deliver, then you are correct that they are tarnishing the industry name.

    There are many good directories out there which charge money and actually do provide you with a good quality list of paid survey sites.
  20. kristan

    kristan New Member

    A lot of people DO think that paid surveys are a scam and that's too bad, because their opinions are so valuable to the legitimate companies. A lot of people have confused 'incentive sites' - the ones where you seem to be filling out a profile, clicking through hundreds of things that might interest you. The only thing accomplished by those sites is filling your inbox with SPAM.

    There are 'true paid surveys' out there though and companies genuinely interested in paying for your opinion. And a lot of friendly people who are willing to share those sites with you -

    Paying for a directory is okay, if you have the money to waste on it. Survey Scout is a decent one. I just have a hard time paying for something I know others are getting for free!

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