Anyone Heard of Numis Network...?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by vinnyqua, May 21, 2010.

  1. vinnyqua

    vinnyqua New Member

    Has anyone heard of Numis Network...

    They are supposed to be the only Network Marketing company to Market Gold and Silver Numismatic MS70 Grated Coins..

    You earn a income from 6 different ways during a weekly and a monthly basses. You are put on Autoship a receive a coin every month to collect and you make money while doing it..

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  2. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I know of someone in Canada that is having success with the company.

    Obtaining precious metals is a good thing. Whether or not to do it with the MLM model is more of the issue.
  3. ekohn

    ekohn New Member

    I agree with FreeCashMan....

    I've heard that the price they charge customers, and even their own affiliates for the metals is a little high compared to some other websites out here...

    But I guess with the money making opportunity attached to it, maybe you would make your money back? I don't know...

    However you look at it, precious metals is an EXCELLENT investment to get into right now, with or without MLM.
  4. riccstar

    riccstar New Member

    I'm a bit surprised that there isn't more discussion about Numis as it is so hot right now.

    There is a great video out there, not sure If I can share the link here, but would gladly send it via email to someone, done by Ray Higdon that discusses the topic of Numis Coins being sold to reps at higher than market prices. He compares the prices with several other web sites and in some cases the other sites are higher than Numis, and some a few dollars less, but the bottom line is that the coin prices are competitive. I do occasionally check to see what the Ebayers are getting for the same coin, and again it is competitive.

    Personally I like the fact that I don't have to shop around, I can just know that once a month I will be getting my MS70 Silver Coin delivered to me, without hassle. These are perfect coins from mints around the world.

    As for the MLM model I love that the product is Money! Precious Metals, a win win!

    If I never recruit, or sell anything from the retail site, I still get a beautiful coin every month, my product is never consumed, it just piles up, but in the end I do have something of value for my money, perhaps with a little luck the product is more valuable than what I spent.

    If I choose to build, it is a great product to sell, who doesn't want more money or gold or silver? Great compensation plan, awesome support, and hey if you just like the coins, there is a lot of good info.

    I wonder how many other folks are Involved with Numis, full or part time?
  5. riccstar

    riccstar New Member

    Numis announced Fri 2/18/11 That they would buy back 100% your coins you have on autoship for up to 5 years. They would refund at your buying price......You cannot lose......What other business does that?
  6. ThinkBig

    ThinkBig New Member

    I looked into numis. After the first month, you are paying $99/mth for a coin that is worth about $35. If the coins were worth why they charge, it would be a great opportunity. I just don't see how it would work out. Also, I doubt I could actually get anyone to buy coins, so the only way to make money is by recruiting, which is a recipe for disaster.
  7. heavyjay

    heavyjay New Member

    Bullion coins contain about $33 worth of silver and right now are selling for almost $40.

    MS70 and PR70 graded collectible coins are a totally different animal. For example, a 2010 PR70 Boy Scouts of America Commemorative goes for $129 on HSN. Numis members pay $99. Home Shopping Network is the largest seller of collectible coins in the country.

    Gold and silver collectible coins are a $100 billion dollar a year business, so obviously, someone buys them.
  8. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    I like the ideal of buy precious metals. I think one can generate cashflow from other more viable networking opportunities to buy all the silver they wanted at good prices.

    It's not about what the HSN is selling something for but what YOU can sell it for, and ebay is a good place to gauge the buying interest.

    If one is buying precious metals to have some real money then simple bullion is all you need. Over paying for what would be termed collectables will put you in the hole on that investment for some time.
  9. heavyjay

    heavyjay New Member

    The coins I buy from Numis for $99 sell on ebay for a wide range of prices, $80-129.

    All I can say is, from a network marketing standpoint, I would rather have a garage full of those coins than a bunch of overpriced vitamins that no one would buy if they weren't involved in that company.

    Also, if you're not satisfied with value of your Numis coins after 5 years, they will but them back from you for what you paid for them.

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