Anyone Heard of Sponsor Daddy?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by 4x4gal, Sep 21, 2008.

  1. 4x4gal

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    Hey Peoples!

    I stumbed across the website I've searched really hard for a bad review and I can't find one. You basically pay a monthly fee to these people and they market your website for you which is interesting. I'm tempted to try but not quite sure yet. What I want to know is if the plan can be cancled or if you're stuff paying a monthly fee whether it works or not.

    I did send an email to the sponsor Id be under and asked some questions. I'll let ya know what he says and if I join or not! :p
  2. Grant Wilson

    Grant Wilson New Member

    Hi Dana,

    I have been involved with Sponsor Daddy since the start of pre-launch
    what is great about Sponsor Daddy you get to have two Universal Marketing Systems one for your Opportunity up to 3 can be promoted, and a Network Marketers system that is entirely targeted for Network Marketers.

    Dana it is good to have a good sponsor that works with you and answers all your questions.

    Sponsor Daddy allows you to swap and change your plans per month for nothing as long as it is with in 48 hours before you change the plan or it goes in to action the following month.

    What I really like about Sponsor Daddy getting 10,000 leads to kick start your Business Online off and then having from 1,200 leads added in to your back office as well.

    The only downfall there is with your leads that your not able to E-mail any of them before they fill in the optin form on the site to get more information. That is only for the leads however when it comes to E-mail Network Marketers then you can do that by adding them to a Tell a Networker feature as long as you put a note of how you know these Networkers then your fine .

    Dana I hope I have given you enough information to go back again and take another look and listen to the videos again. [​IMG]

    Have an Inspiring Day

    Grant Wilson

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