Anyone heared of ESTAR HQ

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by tonyb, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    I am looking at this company. Has anyone heard of them?
  2. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    They are suppose to supply you with $377.50 worth of leads for $199. The kicker is your suppose to be able to gain a monthly income of $2040.
  3. tonyb

    tonyb New Member

    I have 62 people signed up in 3 weeks. The majority came from running one ad last week. I went from 20 to 62 in five days.

    This program will help a lot of people succeed in their business. I have also made a 1 Step Sytem sale from the leads. I paid
    $199 for the leads and got paid $500 from 1 step and I am not through all of them yet.

    The leads that Dustin Buysee (Guru Leads) put out to us are offered by other lead companies. However, this is after they buy them from him.

    Wow can you say free leads and a check. Cha ching yes.

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