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Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by GinaGray, Mar 27, 2009.

  1. GinaGray

    GinaGray Guest

    I love love love what I do everyday I sell E-mail services, video's for their business, create direct reponse websites and offer search engine optimization for their websites.

    Basically you can walk into any local business and collect a check.
    If you already know how to do any of these services you are 1 step to closer to collecting checks daily.
    If not no big deal you can make money still daily, and outsource everything it's so cool.

    If you have any questions feel free to ask, please.
    Thanks and good luck
  2. mountainmom5

    mountainmom5 Gold Member

    Welcome Gina! How long have you been doing this?
  3. GinaGray

    GinaGray Guest

    Over a year and a half now. I love it so much I even coach now, as well.

    At least once or twice a week I still pick up new accounts, it's great picking up the phone, calling a local business owner asking if they are interested in growing their business through the internet for a lot less than they are paying now for advertising?

    Most clients the average set up fee is $500=$5000 then all services include a residual income for me.

    I do maybe 10% of the work and out source the rest. Outsourcing normally costs me 10% of the set-up and the monthly residuals, which are anywhere from $50-$2500 per month.

  4. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    Hi Gina,

    Providing services to brick 'n mortars is always lucrative provided a person has good face2face and technology skills.

    It's great for anyone who is into that sort of thing and for anyone who possesses the said skills and is needs money "now".

    Competition on the net is now fierce. Only the committed (vast minority) survive and prosper. So, your proposal weighs quite a bit more now than it did last year. I have no idea how good your site is but your proposal has been presented at the right time.

    Good timing.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  5. GinaGray

    GinaGray Guest

    Hi newbie shield,

    Yes, I don't mine the face 2 face whatsover I close all my deals that way.

    However a fellow friend and JV partner jsut launched his cold calling course and it's un real and he closes all his sales will 95% on the phone he enjoys a great loving helping promote local businesses to online. And does it all with a phone call. He makes thousands per month easily working form home, and hardly meets the client.

    His product that he just launched is so step by step no one can mess it up, unless they are afraid of the phone that is. LOL

    Anyone in my type of business righ tnow is just killing it. Most all local businesses today know they need to be online and we as Online Marketing Consultants do this all for them..

  6. samda

    samda Member

    Hmmm... New of this kind. You have did this and let me take a chance to congrats you. But in doing such stuffs, the big risk is the interaction with other people. You got to meet a lot of other persons with different mind set. Basically you need to tackle all of them...

  7. GinaGray

    GinaGray Guest

    Actully no sam you can do alot from the phone too.

  8. moneymagnet23

    moneymagnet23 New Member

    I agree with everything you said.. its great when you can offer services to brick and mortar companies..

    keep it up.
  9. GinaGray

    GinaGray Guest

    You can pick one subject to offer then learn how to do the specific skill or outsource it and still make 90% of what you sold the service for.
    You an choose
    website design
    E-mail marketing
    Social media marketing (You tube, facebook, myspace, twitter, blogs)
    Video marketing
    If you have a general idea of any of those subjests you can easily make a great living working for yourself offering to help any local business.
  10. Chrisskoyles

    Chrisskoyles New Member

    A lot of my work comes from local firms. Sometimes it's producing websites, but more often than not I'm hired to do copywriting work for brochures, newsletters etc.

    I moved to a different area a few months ago and I've just about managed to get settled and clear up enough time to start getting in touch with local firms in my new area whilst retaining my current contracts.

    Whenever I've been out and about over the last few months I've made a mental note of wha businesses I spot that could probably use my services.
  11. GinaGray

    GinaGray Guest

    Hi Chris, Wow good to know you can do that as well. What do you charge for article writes?

    Anyone can do this business.
    They can make money by sending emails, it doesn't get easier than this.

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