Anyone here with Enlyten (nutrition strips)?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by donna68, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. donna68

    donna68 New Member

    Just curious if there is anyone here with Enlyten or who have actually tried their products?

    Since this is a fairly new network marketing business, I'm trying to meet as many people as I can.

    Donna Isenhour
    North Carolina
  2. nnamdar

    nnamdar New Member

    Yes I am involved with enlyten...they have great products and is a great business opportunity
  3. thebart

    thebart New Member

    I have not been persoanlly involved with them, but several of my online contacts have tried and have raised red flags. I do not have specifics, but I do know that they ultimatly backed away from the oppertunity.
  4. sarahsmeme

    sarahsmeme New Member

    used them, pased them out mailed some to a miltary person I know that thought they could be useful in the field. don't do anything,or very little,costs too much.

    all comes down to piramid, in my opinion, if you make any money it will be from selling memberships to becoming a dist.

    even if they worked well , they are costly. we were members but pulled out after only one month.
  5. unix11

    unix11 New Member

    I've heard about Enlyten for the first time just a few weeks ago.
    NOTE: I am NOT their distributor.
    An amazing thing about Enlyten is that its products have been already used and readily endorsed by leading US athletes.
    Moreover, an official US military health guide recommended (!) some of these products, and even mentioned manufacturer's website (!!).

    I did some research on Enlyten, and discovered something very interesting about it.
    It looks to me that there is unique opportunity there ??“ and you do not need to join MLM for that!

    The company behind Enlyten is HealthSport, and I think there is a chance to score big in its stock.
    This is my personal opinion, though - I might be wrong...

    Be well,
  6. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    unix11: An amazing thing about Enlyten is that its products have been already used and readily endorsed by leading US athletes.
    Celebrity endorsements only mean the companies check cleared.

    Is there a demand for the product? This is directly from their website...
    Throughout early to mid 2008 you could find enlyten sport strips on the shelves of Sports Authority, GNC, and a few other mainstream sports supplement distributors.

    With slow sales and a lack of publicity due to the efforts of Gatorade, enlyten began talks with T. Lynn Mitchell Companies LLC ("TLM") in late 2008 to help distribute enlyten. HealthSport, Inc. and T. Lynn Mitchell Companies LLC announced the final agreement giving T. Lynn Mitchell Companies LLC the exclusive worldwide distribution rights for enlyten. The $300,000 agreement now means you can only get enlyten via an independent distributor in the enlyten network.
    I will grant that Gatorade blocking their access to the NFL & team logos didn't help but there are other sports that could have been used to get exposure. If this product couldn't sell in highly targeted stores like GNC & Sports Authority this seems like a huge problem.

    On the positive side I have found some product reviews from before they were a MLM that the product was very good for endurance athletes. But how many of us are actually endurance athletes?
  7. DaveCoat

    DaveCoat New Member

    Bob has many facts wrong.

    The quoted text Bob cites is NOT from the official website, instead it is from the personal website of a successful enlyten distributor: Bob, please take care to cite your source appropriately.

    The fact that the products did not sell well in GNC or Sports Authority is related to the lack of advertising and public education about this new supplement delivery technology, not to the lack of demand for such a product.

    The "product" is electrolytes which is something that is sold is massive quantities every day in many forms, most commonly liquids and gels. One cannot argue that the enlyten "product" is only for endurance athletes when Gatorade and sports gels are used by tens of millions of people every day in the US alone.

    The enlyten difference is its delivery system. Enlyten delivers electrolytes to the blood stream 10 times faster than a sports drink like Gatorade and it achieves 3 times the absorption of the active ingredients. Two enlyten strips provide you the same electrolyte replacement as a standard 12 ounce bottle of Gatorade. Two enlyten strips retail for 90 cents (45 cents each), while a 12 ounce bottle of Gatorade costs $1 to $2, up to double the cost for the same ingredients.

    In addition, enlyten strips contain no sugar, no carbs and no calories so they will not erode your teeth or cause weight gain like Gatorade. cites sports drinks like Gatorade as the #1 cause of tooth decay in America today.

    And lastly, enlyten strips are more convenient. Enlyten strips come in small "cassettes" of 22 strips each. Each cassette is 1.5 inches by 1 inch by 0.25 inches. Enlyten allows the customer to carry the equivalent of 11 bottles of gatorade in their pocket.

    As Bob points out, enlyten has received some extraordinary product reviews in addition to the extensive product studies conducted by Duke University "K-Lab" and winning the prestigious NATA Best in Show award in 2007. NATA is the National Association of Athletic Trainers and is the largest association of professional athletic trainers in the world.

    As I point out, the problem with enlyten is that it is a new technology that the public needs to be educated about. The "product" is electrolyte replacement, which is a multi-billion dollar market that has been around for many decades.

    There is a lot of great information about enlyten on the internet, just google it to find out more about the product.

    I have personally used enlyten for over two and a half years and I can't understand why anyone who drinks sports drinks would not switch to enlyten to improve the health of their teeth and save money while getting a product that works 10 times faster. I can understand why Gatorade feels threatened...
  8. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Any other Enlyten reps here?

    My biggest seller has been the Melatonin strips. They work for me and my family as well as my customers.
  9. HealthyStrips

    HealthyStrips New Member

    I am an Enlyten promoter. I have used the Melatonin strips and got good results. I also use the antioxidant strips. I see some people here say they tried the strips and got no results but that goes for just about any product on the market. Everyone gets different results with different products. And, with the electrolyte and antioxidant strips you won't "notice" or "feel" something that is improving your health. it's nutrition. As for being a "pyramid" , those comments were made due to lack of knowledge of the industry as a whole. Anyway, I use and enjoy the products and would whether I was making money or not. Just my 2 cents worth.
  10. mshanglin

    mshanglin New Member

    Hello everyone, im from Argentina. I work in a women magazine here in my country and i wanted to know more about this "Strips"
    It would be great if i could talk with some users. (Please help me, is for work!!! haha)

    Anyway, it would be wonderful if some of you email me to:

    Maybe i could send you guys some questions, and then you could answer them. I don't even need to know your real names!!
    Thank you in advance. [​IMG]
  11. FreeCashMan

    FreeCashMan Well-Known Member

    What are the benefits of using a strip as oppose to taking a vitamin or liquid?

    What is Enlyten's claim to fame, so to speak?

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