Anyone involved with Vitamark?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by FFVictor, Nov 15, 2008.

  1. FFVictor

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    I was introduced with the MFF program and I was very impressed with their level of training and information about the MLM business. Later to find out their pitch was ultimately for the Vitamark company. I really was not interested in another nutritional company being that there are 1000s of them out there. Looking into the compensation plan and the level of support does make it a little tempting though. I know the company has been around for 6 years so they should be pretty solid. Has anyone recently joined Vitamark? Have you been successful? Some specifics would help.

  2. Casper

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    LOL not another health & wellness company if people want health food they will just go down to their local health food store instead of paying huge prices for these kinds of products.
  3. mountainmom5

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    My hubby signed up with Vitamark a while back and never did much with the business but we absolutely LOVE the products and I was gonna get back into mlm but got into affiliate marketing instead so we still have our membership - just haven't done much with it.

    Once I get some time to get into mlm more - Vitamark definitely has the best comp plan in my humble opinion.[​IMG] (after having done and/or studied oodles of comp plans in the past fifteen years - lol)

    I do promote the ebook as I think the free training they have on online marketing is second to none... regardless what business you are in - just use the training to learn how to promote your own websites online.[​IMG]
  4. BeAChampion

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    FFVictor: I really was not interested in another nutritional company being that there are 1000s of them out there.

    Vitamark does have an awesome comp plan and solid product but as you said there are thousands of them out there.

    And if you go into Vitamark and want to really build it up remember not to do as the other 97% of failing MLMers and Network Marketers.

    #1: DON'T Try to convince or 'sell' Vitamark.

    Because as you said there are 1000s of MLMs similar to Vitamark out there and your best prospects are other MLMer's in one of the 1000's out there.

    So they they don't want to join another company. They want help with their current MLM.

    So if you can gain the knowledge of how to market and use technology such as the Internet you will be able to help the 1000's of struggling MLMer's out there with their current MLM and then once you help them make money they will want to work with more because they know you will make them more money.

    Gain the knowledge of how to help others, help them, and that is how the Top 3% do it while the failing 97% are trying to 'sell' their Vitamark or similar MLM up-front.

    See the difference? Do the opposite. [​IMG]


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