Anyone know of any good targeted traffic sites?

Discussion in 'General Advice' started by tonyb, Feb 7, 2006.

  1. tonyb

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    Hello All,
    I have been trying to find a honest traffic site. I don't know if they exist but I would appreciate it if someone would inform me of a great one. I look foward to your comments.

  2. netjobs

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    Quoting: tonybhonest traffic site

    Are you asking for your site traffic... if so, its really matter about your site, best way for traffic... Exchange links with relevant sites, learn better SEO (Search Engine Optimization) its really a big free traffic for your site... Free Classifieds, Forum Signatures...

    To learn more about traffic keep visiting webmaster forums like

    and so on...

    think twice about investing money for traffic, there is lots of free resources for good traffic...

  3. wahweb

    wahweb New Member

    Well, the best targeted traffic comes from search engines. This can be achieved one of two ways - free and ppc.

    Free traffic from search engines is great, but theres alot of work involved. You need to promote your site and get backlinks, make sure that your site is properly optimized, etc... This is also known as SEO.

    If you dont have the time to learn all of that, you can buy traffic from the search engines. Google runs Adwords and Yahoo works with You can pay per click on your ads. The benefit of this is that the traffic is very very targeted.

    If you were talking about traffic exchanges, this traffic tends to be less targeted. Traffic exchange traffic is great for something, however and that would be lead capture (getting an email address / contact info from your vistor). If you are wanting to know more about traffic exchanges, I liked the free ebook over at

    Then, there are other ways to get targeted traffic to your site, but they require a little work. Can you write an article? If so, write a quick 300 - 500 word article on your subject and submit it to article directories such as, et al. This is a great way of getting traffi for free as people will read your articcle and want to know more, then they will click the link in your resource box and visit your site. I wrote an article for a site back in June that has netted me over 5,000 visitors alone. Needless to say, I publish new articles weekly and you probably will too once you see what happens [​IMG]

    Theres a free e-course over at that I liked that explains it better than I can, Im sure.

    Oh, and one more piece of advice. Dont waste your money buying traffic. Its 99.99999999 % of the time, Garbage. Not worth it. I dont mean PPC traffic (Adwords, Overture - they are good & legit) , rather I mean those sites that sell "targeted traffic". Its a scam.

    HTH! [​IMG]
  4. cherie27

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    I get from most of my traffic from
    - blogging
    - article marketing
    - submit to links directories
    - forum disscussion

    CSGWAHM New Member

    Great suggestions here! It's easy to create targeted traffic on your own. Once you know who your target market is, then you start marketing in the form of press releases, articles, PPC, classifieds, etc. Most of the ways I market are free and very low cost and I get alot of targeted traffic on a daily basis. I wish you the best!
  6. ibuzzmentor

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    I either recommend doing JV's with other people in your industry. JV's are awesome they are a win win situation. I also recommend doing Voice Broadcasting. Something about it is very powerful and I have been doing it for a while now. It has allowed my lead cost to greatly decrease all the while I am speaking to high quality prospects that actually call me. I have been using the software for a while now but just recently started to market the product, I wish I did sooner as in 48 hours I have made 4 sales!


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