Anyone Marketing Dream Lifestyle System?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by graymkt, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. graymkt

    graymkt New Member

    Right now I`m marketing a program called Dream Lifestyle System and my conversions could not be better.This Success Blueprint training is taking a lot of the guesswork out of joining a business opportunity online,marketing it and or explaining it to prospects.I find Dream Lifestyle System is as about as streamlined as you can get when it comes to joining a biz-op.

    It walks prospects through the set-up including pre-written auto-responder set-up...web site...payment processors and it even has a built in advertising where prospects can sign for advertising campaigns on the spot. This business is paying me everyday $200 per sale.I`m currently using voice broadcasting with this and that is working extremely well I joined on 5/25/09 and I`ve currently made $2400..could be better but I`m just getting started..big plans for this one especially with what I know about marketing. I`m just seeing if anyone else is having the success I`m having?
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  2. mellin

    mellin Member

    This is another business that advertises a passive income, only to find out that this marketing co-op does indeed cost $197 a month. Did you purchase this marketing or are you marketing this on your own?

  3. graymkt

    graymkt New Member

    I`m marketing this using Ibuzzpro and it has worked out well..I`m not using the marketing co-op but some of my people are using the co-op and have made sales..but currently voice broadcasting is working well...
  4. graymkt

    graymkt New Member

    This is doing better than I ever imagined.. to date I have earned $3600 and counting also since may 25th. most people are telling me the set-up is smooth when getting started and they are doing well.
    4 people have taken me up on my voice broadcasting option which provides residual income...I`m loving far soo great..
  5. mellin

    mellin Member

    Good for you, that's a little over a week!

  6. graymkt

    graymkt New Member

    Latest update on Dream Lifestyle System I`ve helped 5 people make over $1000 and counting in Dream Lifestyle System since May 25th..I let those guy use my marketing methods..and they just took off and made it happen..I gave them access to an e-learning center that teaches Craiglist(it still works),voice broadcasting,google ranking tactics..and not to mention my high converting postcard source
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  7. irishguru

    irishguru New Member

    I've heard of this is it any good?
  8. graymkt

    graymkt New Member

    Stacked up against the rest I find it to be pretty good..I say this because a lot of my people are making money using my techniques..
    so my opinion is so far so great..I also have several marketing offline..and making very good money...
  9. selfp

    selfp New Member

    Hi Graymkt,
    I'm new here, so sorry if this is a bit forward. Been taking a look around and it's a great forum.

    I'm intrigued about your marketing methods... been looking for a decent postcard service, and your other stuff sounds interesting too. I'm already in Dream Lifestyle System, so will you share your marketing methods without a join? Hopefully your marketing resources have commissions, and then it's win-win. Else, let us know how we can play this.

    Cheers, Anthony
  10. Jonathan25

    Jonathan25 New Member

    I have the idea to join this program as well but I wonder if their coop marketing works really well so you get enough traffic to your webiste to have noticable income?
  11. graymkt

    graymkt New Member

    I don`t recommend the co-op because its a let down waiting to happen..postcards and voice broadcasting are working extremely well
    with very good returns...I use them weekly..
  12. bizzare7

    bizzare7 New Member

    I'm interested in Joining! Please send me some info.
  13. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    I watched the video and I don't see anything about actual products being sold.
    What is the product?
  14. skydancer

    skydancer Banned

    Ok, here we go again. Hey "graymkt" time to pony up with some proof. No offense but you sound an awful lot like the Regenisis program pushers and we all know what happened there.

    Anybody thats thinking about this program better start doing some serious due dilligence before spending any money.

    Never trust empty claims of making money combined with super hype. Still will surely lead you straight to the poor house. It is unfortunate that some people use this board to scam the newbies and desperate.

    It should be a rule that people back there claims with some real proof before they start spouting out how much money ther making. Are people just taking the word of a complete strangers without any tangible evidence?

    Please everybody, get real!

    There is enough good business opportunities out there, but you might actually have to look a little deeper and be prepared both finanicially as well as having some experience in some type of field.

    Don't fall for these lazy man ways to riches. They don't work now and never will.

    If you want me to explain this to you please let me know through this post.

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  15. BobFirestone

    BobFirestone New Member

    skydancer: There is enough good business opportunities out there, but you might actually have to look a little deeper and be prepared both finanicially as well as having some experience in some type of field.
    You left out - Actually do some work!
  16. melkooner

    melkooner New Member

    hi skydancer,

    You are surely right..

    'Don't fall for these lazy man ways to riches. They don't work now and never will'

    True saying I have tried these numerous ops .. any legitimate opportunity requires work.

    ''Only you can make it happen believe in yourself"
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