Anyone tried the GOOGLE BLACK BOOK?

Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by D_girl, Sep 15, 2007.

  1. D_girl

    D_girl New Member

    Has anyone tried the google black book?I'm curious,it blew me away,I'm thinking about joining,but I don't want to be scammed again.
  2. boblane1015

    boblane1015 New Member

    I did a number of searches on both the author and the program itself and came up with nothing. That makes me think it is a scam.
  3. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Never heard of it, do you have a url?
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    I doubt that it is a "scam", but a lot of products come out about how to beat Google, and many of them are highly over-rated. Havign said that, you can probably learn something from it, but if you really want to learn about how to beat Google, I'd recommend Wealthy Affiliate - you can get one on one mentoring for Adwords, plus there are a lot of great tools and learning resoruces you can use to GET A GRIP on Google Adwords.
  5. blogworld

    blogworld New Member

    The Google Black Book is a Scam. Why? He as been banned from for failing to pay is affiliates. Myself Being one of the victims.

    Stay Far from this ebook it is an absolute SCAM!!!
  6. whoopie

    whoopie New Member

    You are silly. I am one of Mr. Ben Davis's student. chargeee wayyyy toooo muchhhh... Thank goodness Mr. Davis taught me how to secure my own page without using where they charge you extremely high every month. I know this because I too have used it before. Anyways, back to the subject. Google Black book is the best investment I've ever made. Mr. Davis helped me step by step with his simple guidelines to Online success to Richness!!!.. I am making 3 times more sitting on the comp for just a few hours a week than in my regular day time job.. I ranked in $3,500 the first month I joined. I'll tell you, that was money well spent! Take my advice from me. I know how you feel. You stuggle financial and searching everywhere and trying to do everything to get rich. I can relate because I've bought so many myself like the rich jerk, wealthy affiliate, affilate marketing success, etc, you name it.. they are all SCAM!!!! I'm just sooooo fortunate I gave the Google Black Book a try and that I'm lucky enough that Mr. Davis chose me to be one of his student. It has changed my life!!! well anyways, good luck to you what you got to loose because he got money back gaurantee on it. try it and check it out for yourself
    Cindy M.
  7. blogworld

    blogworld New Member

    Yeah Yeah! You got a lot of fluff and no Stuff. where is the Proof that you made money with the googles black book. I have done my research on "Ben Davis" That not even being is correct name. Real Name: David Samuel located somewhere in New York. Until of recently the domain registration changed. I sent him a nice email requesting my affiliate payment and he didn't respond. I proceeded to send him a another e-mail treathening to sue him I guess that being the reason he changed is domain registration.

    I told him I will make is life miserable for not paying me for my affiliate sales.

    And by the way has nothing to do with Me not receiving my payments. Mr. "Ben Davis" is responsible for that.

    Lowering the fee that paydotcom charges has nothing to do with me not getting paid. And some how I feel your claims of being a study student of his is absolutely bogus.

    I'm speaking from experience this website googles black book is an absolute scam.

    I rest my case.

    Time will catch up with you Mr. "ben davis". I clearly see your the only one getting rich off people searching for opportunities only to be scammed by people like you.

    I think Mr. ben Must have paid you off to write that review.
  8. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Paydotcom's fees aren't that much - I promote an ebook that sells for $21.97 and Paydotcom's fees are only $3. After sales are made, Paydotcom merchants are required to pay their affiliates at the end of the month, and any merchant that doesn't pay affiliates is a thief.
  9. 040107

    040107 Member

    Quoting: whoopieYou are silly. I am one of Mr. Ben Davis's student. chargeee wayyyy toooo muchhhh... Thank goodness Mr. Davis taught me how to secure my own page without using where they charge you extremely high every month.

    This person probably doesn't even know what paydotcom is.

    Ben Davis or whatever he goes by is trying to copy the format of
    Paydotcom's order page so that his customers can't tell that he's
    no longer with Paydotcom.

    Anyway, on the order page, he has a testimonial from somebody.
    He has in parenthesis that he can't show the person's picture due
    to the web page being a secured page (https). Right above that
    are the order buttons and Paypal logo.

    Thought that was funny...

    Being that he intends to make money by scamming his own
    affiliates, he probably will also try to make money by selling you useless information.

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