Anyone tried Trading Programs at home like Investools?

Discussion in 'Casual Chat' started by Elle, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. Elle

    Elle New Member

    I keep seeing these free workshop things and decided to call up InvesTools and ask questions. The admissions guy was nice and recommended alot of OUTSIDE info (which I appreciated, he wanted me to learn on my own) and also recommended 4X trading for me since I am a college kid with not alot of money. Anyway, the only thing is that their software is EXPENSIVE! I'm talking $2000 plus and extra $1500 if u want personal coaching and then the money you invest in the market and so on....What i want to know is has anyone bought this software and succesfully made the big bucks that they promise?
  2. Hey Elle,
    Any time someone tells you that there is Big Bucks to be made, you can almost guarantee that They will be the ones making the Money.

    You can make a good living on the internet if you Work Hard, and Keep at it.

    As is said in this forum over, and over again Don't Pay Them to Pay You...

    If you are into the Stock Market, go with a company you Already Know. They want your investment, so I doubt they would charge an arm and leg in order to get you to trade with them.

    Good Luck,
  3. noscamzone

    noscamzone New Member

    What was the name of the software. I ask because there are some really good software that you pay big bucks for but it is really worth it because you can make allot of money from it. Then again you could be taken for a few thousand dollars. Also allot of times you can find very similar software that works the same exact way but costs allot less.
  4. Hedgehobbit

    Hedgehobbit New Member

    I've spent quite a few buck on Investools stuff. Way more than I should have. I like the web page and, to me, it's worth the $50 a month. However, I don't like their high-pressure sales force. Here's some advice that will save you some money.

    -Don't get the package deal (PHD, Masters, etc). You'll end up paying for a bunch of stuff you don't even know you have. They have never sent me a list of the stuff I paid for so I'm not sure I've received it all.

    -The coaching isn't all that helpfull. They can't really tell you what to do. Instead, I like the Trading Rooms since they are classes you can watch at your leisure. If you do get a trading room, only pay for 6 months. It's half the price of a year's access and I can't really see needed to watch the same course twice a week for that long.

    -The live courses mostly a waste since they don't cover all the stuff from the books/DVDs and are mostly sales pitches. That being said, I got a bit out of the two-day 5 step live course, but that may have been a fluke. The books and DVDs are generally better.

    -I'm on the fence about the hotline. Because Investools cannot give out investing advice, they can't really answer a direct question such as "should I buy this stock." You have to speak to them in code, "does the current price pattern of this stock look like it will continue" or some such nonsense. It can get really frustrating. The guys answering the phone appear are generally helpful and have never tried to get me to buy something when I call with a stock question.

  5. n06bills

    n06bills New Member

    a friend of mine did it and it worked really well
  6. Toppleware

    Toppleware New Member

    I just bought their Masters package last month, $10,000 worth on top of the initial $3,000. I am just starting to learn trading, so I can't say how the purchase will fan out for me. One thing I learned after the purchase which disappoints me is this: I paid $2199 for coaching, and two of them, in the package. However, the company is saying to the customer (me) that they recommend to switch to the trading room instead (it's more popular etc. they say), which is only $749 if you buy it individually. That's quite a difference in price, especially since there were two coachings to
    pay in the package ($2199x2 vs $749x2).
    If I have to do it over, I would buy individual items instead, and
    research over the internet if each item is worthwhile too.
  7. kennygab2000

    kennygab2000 New Member

    give me a web site where I don't have to pay before starting it
  8. Investor

    Investor New Member

    I have the DVDs. Contact me if you are interested in them. 4 different sets
    basic option, advanced option, advance technical, currency trader
  9. Johnbondoo7

    Johnbondoo7 New Member

    Hey Investor, you said you have the DVD's. Are these from Investools? I may be interested in buying. Get back to me.
  10. lalit7552

    lalit7552 New Member

    I never tried these kind of tools ... I want to be traditional and I am selling my skill. The other reason of this kind of mind set is that rite now I am not financially sound and wont able to take risk.

    As any amount of money even a single penny is important to me.

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