Anyone use an old fashioned to-do list?

Discussion in 'Productivity and Motivation' started by pjworker, May 21, 2008.

  1. pjworker

    pjworker New Member

    Each evening I write a to do list for the next day with priority items going at the top. I also have an ongoing list for things that must be done regularly, if not daily, like website promotion, etc. I seem to be more productive using a real pen and paper list than using software. There's something very satisfying to me to be able to physically cross out which tasks I have completed. Am I alone in this?
  2. A8ch

    A8ch Gold Member

    No, you're not alone in this! I like to write things down with pen and paper too!

    Even though I save notes, lists, important urls, login information and other important data on my computer hard drive, there is an intimacy I experience when I write things down on paper, especially goals.

    I have a different hard cover note book for each website I own, a different color for each site. Some of these note books go back more than 8 years and they contain design sketches, color codes, ideas, goals and resource references. Many lines of text are underlined, yellow highlighted, crossed out, or preceded by an asterisk. Notes are scribbled all over the place; some legible, some not, and many are at odd angles to horizontal.

    Often, when I'm having a particularly difficult day and I'm tempted to pull out the little remaining hair I have, it helps me to thumb through these notebooks and SEE the progress I've made.

    I can recall exactly what I was feeling (or fearing) on every page I turn to, the obstacles I overcame, the new things I learned. Each notebook is a written record of my education, growth, struggles and accomplishments from the day I decided to learn as much as I could about marketing on the Web.

    After such a nostalgic trip, when I return to the present moment, the challenges don't seem as severe anymore. My resolve is bolstered and I feel renewed and ready to keep forging ahead.

  3. Morgana

    Morgana New Member

    Hi, PJ - I could not make it through the day without my old fashioned to do list! I would be completely lost and wouldn't know what to do next.

    I make my to do list (which I call my Ta Da! List) at the end of my work day for the next day, carring forward anything that wasn't completed or needs more attention.

    One thing that I do is keep my Ta Da! list resonable and doable to ensure that I can actually complete most of or all of the tasks I set for the day.


  4. westfam11

    westfam11 Member


    I agree, I could not make it through my day without my old fashioned to do list either!

    Whenever I am starting to stress out or have a stressful day most of the time it is because I didn't do a "To Do" list for that day and I am not organized. Making a list of what needs to be done on a daily basis is the best thing I have done for my business, otherwise, I am all over the place.

    I usually have two lists. One list of things that need to be done eventually and an everyday list of things that need to be done today. That way I am not overwhelmed and if I do have more time I will go to the "someday list" and do that. But I must admit if it is on
    my everyday list it is more likely going to be done than on my someday list.

    I have "article marketing" on my someday list, I just can't seem to find the time to learn how to do this. So I think it is time for it to be moved to my "today list" so I will actually make the effort to learn this form of marketing.

    Sorry about the rambling but a list is a must for me!

  5. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    I also make a to do list, but it is a text file
  6. freecashhappens

    freecashhappens New Member

    I have just started using a written to do list along with my calender. I have a blackberry, but the calendar and the to do list just help me move along a little better. There is some personal satisfaction in writing something down and then crossing it off..
  7. jazzfranklin

    jazzfranklin New Member

    I use lists all the time, every now and then I collate all my lists of items uncompleted into a mega list of lists. I have recently started using mind-maps as a way of organizing everything. I still use lists but the more I use the mind map techniques for recording information with pen and paper the more it makes sense to me.
    What are Mind Maps ? (according to Wikipedia)
  8. wahdalliance

    wahdalliance New Member

    Hi all,

    I agree with you JazzFranklin, as I too use mind maps to keep
    myself organized. I at first didnt know what a mind map was,
    nor how to even begin to use one. Now I couldn't do anything
    without it!

    I have a commercial program that I keep on my main machine,
    but on my notebook, I use a free mind map software called
    FreeMind. You could find that at if
    anyone is interested.

    What I like about the who mind mapping thing is the fact that
    once you start using it, you realize that this is really how
    your mind operates in the first place. You mind does not
    do things in such a static and rigged manner as say a
    regular to-do list.

    Your mind works with free flowing, organic associations.
    I know, I just lost a lot of you on that one [​IMG].

    Think of it like this. Your mind thinks of one thing, and
    from there it branches out to other. Each branch then
    in turn could have its own sub-branch to another related
    topic. All the while your main topic is in the "center", while
    each related idea or subject is a branch off of that one.

    If that's still hard to get your mind around, picture a
    leave. If you look at any leave, you will see that it has
    a central stem. Think of that as your main idea. Now off
    of the central stem it branches off into smaller stems,
    which you could think of as your related topics to the
    main one.

    And just like a leave, your mind or organic. If you look
    at the leave, the stems are not in a straight rigid line,
    but are kinda rounded and curved. Thats how your mind
    processes too.

    Hope I was able to explain that well enough for you all [​IMG].

    Like I said, I couldn't do anything now without a mind map.
    I just love how fast and easy you can put your thoughts
    and ideas together.
  9. Rob Chrin

    Rob Chrin New Member

    I'm one of those people who dislikes pen & paper. For me, electronic all the way.

    I use as my to do list. Great because I can access it from anywhere, even mobile to see my list. Love it
  10. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Lists are my friends.
    Daily lists are a great tool if you stick to them. I have used a list for over 10 years now and it is a goals/guidline list I keep in my wallet.

    I refer to this list daily and they are not to do items, but rather goals or important simple things that I see every time I reach into my wallet. I started doing this when I was in college and found it to be a very refreshing thing to do....

    1. Be a loving & caring father
    2. Be a loving, loyal & caring husband.
    3. Be kind to those around you.
    4. You don't always know what people are going through.
    5. What you want is out there, you simply have to go get it.
    6. Don't go to bed angry.

    From time to time I'll add something to it or take something away but for the most part this is the list.

    It might not seam like much but writting things down HELPS OUT.

    A goal not written down must not be worth achieving.
  11. RayvinAndRob

    RayvinAndRob New Member

    To stay organized I use Google Calendar and I recently started Mark Joyner's Simple-Ology Course 101. After I'm finished I plan on doing 102 and 103.

    Rob Nyte
  12. Newbie Shield

    Newbie Shield Gold Member

    I like Open's list of six. These are great things to focus on each day and for the compact size (very convenient) of the list, it covers more ground than meets the eye.

    For daily lists, I use an over-sized wall calendar. It has huge squares for each day.

    In general, I organize things in several digital ways. It usually depends upon the size of the project, the importance, and/or the urgency.

    I like to take notes, brainstorm, create unordered lists and ordered lists, use spreadsheets, and proprietary project management tools.

    I make extensive use of MS Word, Notepad, and MS Excel. For large projects I sometimes extend my digital tool use to MS Project.

    ~Newbie Shield~

    CSGWAHM New Member

    I simply can't function without my daily "to do" list. I write EVERYTHING on my calendar, then each evening I take the things written down for the next day and put it on my "to do" list for the next morning and place it on my counter in the kitchen. If it's not on my calendar, it won't get done or doesn't happen. I live by my list and get quite the satisfaction of getting my things done and crossing off the list! I just can't get into doing it electronically, pen and paper is all me.
  14. freecashhappens

    freecashhappens New Member

    Rob Chrin: I'm one of those people who dislikes pen & paper. For me, electronic all the way.

    I use as my to do list. Great because I can access it from anywhere, even mobile to see my list. Love it

    I am just starting to use this. Thanks Rob!! It's going to cause me to move away from pen and paper!!![​IMG]
  15. JeffCasmer

    JeffCasmer New Member


    Great advice! Before I go to bed at night I list what I want to accomplish the next day. Now what happens is when your brain is starting to relax your focus becomes a little better and you end up coming up with more things to add to your list....

    Its a great way to be organized....

    Take care
    Jeff Casmer
  16. Freedom

    Freedom New Member

    I cant sleep at night unless I do a to do list. I usually keep my Iphone at the side of my bed and as I think of them I put them in my phone so I always remember to complete them.
  17. cherie27

    cherie27 New Member

    Whether you are using a daily list on pen and paper or electronic
    As long as you are comfortable with it. It is good to stay organised.
  18. jrlehman

    jrlehman New Member

    I seem to get more accomplished when I write stuff down with paper and pen. I like to be able to cross the things I have completed off my list.
  19. annadenise

    annadenise Active Member

    I have to make a list as well. Some things I maintain in folders on my laptop, but I go through plenty of notepads, with written "to do's" for both my home business, and household things I need to get taken care of.

    It is very important to have your goals and timeframes for meeting them in writing too. Keep them handy and stay focused. I like meeting or exceeding my goals and love to scratch them off as they are completed!!!
  20. beginhere

    beginhere New Member

    I started using lists several years back. It's not so much of being forgetful, it's distractions. I could put something on the list I need to take with me and oftentimes I would forget it. So I started setting it at the door.

    Lists are great for my home biz. Have a 9x6 mead notepad. Everything is in it. When I go out the door it goes right in my purse


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