Anyone who use twitter?

Discussion in 'General Marketing' started by CrazyShopping, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. CrazyShopping

    CrazyShopping New Member

    I have a twitter account..
    I know it's good way to marketing
    But I don't know how can I have a best use...
    I just following and write some information everyday...
    What more should I do??
    Thanks very very much?
  2. MakeMuchMoney3

    MakeMuchMoney3 New Member

    Hi ! I also have a twitter account and I just twitter when I have write a new article or a new squidoo lens. I have 600 people that are following me so almost every time I do this I got a new sale [​IMG] It is a perfect way to get the word out [​IMG] If you don't have any followers it will be harder. Try to build a good reputation and stay focus [​IMG]
  3. BizzySusan

    BizzySusan New Member

    I agree. It also wouldn't hurt to throw in something personal here and there. Let people get to know you and feel comfortable with you so they want to do business with YOU. Good luck!
  4. elle14

    elle14 New Member

    You will succeed using twitter if you handled it in a right procedure. [​IMG] There are many guidelines and tips that you can search over the net. Targeting your people is one of the common advice. [​IMG] Goodluck
  5. dula14

    dula14 New Member

    I post feeds from my blog on twitter through twitterfeed. It's a great way to drastically increase followers and leads. Just make sure you post information that is useful to others as opposed to just spamming one opportunity after another.
  6. eytanfb

    eytanfb New Member

    I also have 600 twitter followers but I don't seem to get any sales. Makemuchmoney3 what do you suggest?
  7. gowriter

    gowriter Member

    The best thing to do with Twitter is to post a new blog post or an article. People are more inclined to read articles with interesting information than to click on a link that goes straight to a sales page.

    Your article should reflect something interesting that anyone in your target audience can benefit from. e.g. Nine Tips For Saving $20 A Day (if you're writing about financial tips).

    Be sure to write articles that you have experience in. It's hard to write articles about affiliate marketing if you've only just started in the business. It can be done, but you'll likely produce the same information everyone else has.

    When affiliate marketing, choose to promote a product other than just biz opportunities. Write about shoes, dresses, movies, skateboards--things you have an interest in. You can promote those products. If you're interest has no product, make a blog about it and ad adsense ads, or write your articles on adsense revenue sites like Associated content, etc.

    Some niches like mortgages, insurance, finance are going to make more money in adsense revenue than others just because of they're big money topics.
  8. Cgrav1

    Cgrav1 New Member

    Hi People,

    Just like to add my bit in here.

    setting up a twitter account for marketing be sure that you are following people that have some kind of association with your niche subject or start of by following specialists in your field. Then when people start following you back they will tend to be people that have an interest in what you are doing.

    E.G if you own a pet shop follow people with an interest in Pets and people that offer that sort of advice.

    Hope that makes some sense this is my first post. On this forum Hooray [​IMG]
  9. GlennELee

    GlennELee New Member

    One simple thing to look at regarding the media you choose to market with. If you don't read the posts from other people, they're likely not reading yours either.

    I have over 13K followers on twitter and I can post that I'm giving away $100 to the first 5K people that message me on there and I wouldn't even get a single reply. Twitter is mostly a useless marketing too due to the method you must go through in order to market using it.

    To market with Twitter, you have to find people who are NOT marketers which means your process has to be completely manual. These adding services, auto posters, etc are simply going to attract marketers which one would normally think is a good thing, but they're using autoposters too and aren't reading your tweets and vice versa.

    With Twitter, you have to read tweets and posts tweets, all manually as well as find normal people to chat with. You'll need to be a real social bee on twitter to get anywhere and the conversion ratio will be staggeringly low considering most of the people you will be conversing with won't even be interested in marketing nor now what to do know what they can do and a lot will think it's illegal.

    If you're not able to do Twitter daily and manually follow people and get followers and friends who are normal everyday people (non marketers) then you will not be able to go anywhere with twitter and will be best to find another media solution to market with. Autoposters, auto following/defollowing tools and remote posting solutions do you no good if nobody reads your content.

    Hope this information has helped out some.
  10. choon01

    choon01 New Member

    Basically here is a good start.. start off writing about what you do , say..something like, just woke up, about to go out for a jogg.. so people dont think your a spammer.. few of these... then you simply want to add friends. You can can add one friend and see his/her followers and simply go through there list and start adding people. Say add 50 peple a day or so.. thats not alot, some people add hundreds a day... Before you know it. you will have hundreds and thousands following you. Keep this up and you will do great on twitter.. After 5 or so general posts - then drop a marketing line on them.. So that way you are not spamming twitter. People dont like to follow someone who justs spams there affiliate link.. HINT ...HINT...
  11. Jean LA

    Jean LA New Member

    BizzySusan: It also wouldn't hurt to throw in something personal here and there
    Yes, let people know that they are following a real human and not automated bots. They would gladly take your recommendations if you are reliable enough to follow.
  12. manofinfluence1

    manofinfluence1 New Member

    Twitter is a social media. Your tweets should not be all about your business. people who follow you will un-follow you when they know you are just there to promote. A little rant about how you feel and what's new with your life is good. Try to answer other people's tweets, it's one thing that makes them know that you are also interested in them. replies usually get replies. Use @username as possible.

    For the followers, follow only those that you know has the same interest that you have.
  13. Aaronbiz

    Aaronbiz New Member

    It's all about them.

    People like to share there up's and down's, successes and what's important in their lives.

    If you can connect with where they are at in life, things should open up for you. I find the more you get to know somebody the more things you actually find in common.

    People love attention and to feel wanted (Me included !!!).

    Have a great thanks giving

    Aaron Riddell
  14. JoelCowen

    JoelCowen New Member

    I think twitter is a great way to spread valuable content to others. I love networking with new people so if you want to connect just let me know.

    To your freedom and success,

  15. lmiller14

    lmiller14 New Member

    Post 6 posts a day, only 25% should be business related.. the other 75% should be engaging content.

    Make sure your profile picture is of you smiling!

    You can change your own Twitter background to make it unique at

    Also, use the "find people" option to search for people you want to network with or advertise to!

    Good luck!

    - Lark Miller
  16. talfighel

    talfighel Silver Member

    I personally don't think that Twitter is a good way to advertise online and is probably a waste too.

    I really think that paid advertising is the best way to go.
  17. nanlar

    nanlar New Member

    Hi everyone! I use Twitter and love it1 I have over 700 followers. I post articles and posts from my blog. Mostly Iinformational.
  18. Dimasalang

    Dimasalang New Member

    I use twitter to advertise and also to promote my blog. Add Facebook alongside twitter to advertise or promote your blog and you'll get lots of traffic.

    Wordpress has twitter in it. Every time you post a blog in WordPress, a link will automatically be posted on your twitter account for that blog.

    I once advertise a product on a website that also offers me to post it on Facebook and twitter. The results were insane! I had 50 views instantly the moment I published my ad.
  19. Seth

    Seth New Member

    i also have twitter, but i haven't yet maximize it's full potential in advertising my business..
  20. Dimasalang

    Dimasalang New Member

    Seth, What kind of business do you have.

    Maybe I can give you tips on how to do that on Twitter.

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