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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by mzwizard, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    I just finished my Cricket Activation training....there are still 2 Cricket Billing training courses listed. Can I assume that anything I can SEE needs to be done to get certified?

    And then what happens? I see a lot of talk about "webinars" but have no idea what will happen once I am done with all the training sessions. I have a total of 6.

    Don't see much about Cricket on here....not many working it, or not been offering it recently?
  2. Flipflop_Girl

    Flipflop_Girl New Member

    Hi Mzwizard

    I also was assigned Cr**k*t as a skill. Tomorrow I will complete the activation training and be left wondering if I am suppose to complete the last two Billing courses. The General Info states that agents are required to complete the Billing program 4 weeks after certifying on this project. Additional training? Not sure.....

    Anyway, looks like you are one step ahead of me; Let me know if you find out if we should continue on with the Billing or wait for further instructions.

    Glad to finally see a fellow Cr**k**er on board!
  3. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    well, I completed the Cricket training Saturday and started the Billing! I finished the first billing and am almost thru the 2nd. I did not hear anything today from them, so not sure. I can say that the billing ones are a pretty general overview. I would hope that the ones we certify on in 4 weeks would be much more in depth.

    So I am going on the concept that these are an intro so we will have a very good understanding of the whole "Cricket" picture and will be ready to go.

    I plan to complete and test on the last module tonight, so will let you know if I hear anything tomorrow.

    It just seemed that if we WEREN'T supposed to take those last 2 "classes" they would not have shown up on our training.

    But we will see!

    Also glad to know there is another "Cricketeer" on the group!
  4. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member DO have to do all 6 of the courses shown to complete the Cricket Activation training!

    Just got done with my last test, and got the "congratulations" notice...and was told to call to schedule my webinar. They are supposed to be scheduling this if I don't hear by email I am to call back in the am.

    Then we have a Billing course that has to be done by 4 weeks.

    There was a bunch of confusion, but finally found one of the PALs that knew the answer!

    Good Luck!
  5. Flipflop_Girl

    Flipflop_Girl New Member

    Thanks for the info! I will have my training done tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully, we do not have to wait too long for a webinar!
  6. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    My webinar is tomorrow night 7-9 pm EST...and they have another one that is scheduled Friday morning at 10am-noon EST.

    depending on when you finish your training, you should get the "invite" for one of them hopefully!

    we can keep in touch and compare notes!
  7. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    Just finished the webinar...took about 1.5 hours. Now wait a few days for logins to be completed and then should be ready to start working!
  8. LadyPzaz

    LadyPzaz New Member

    You go, girlfriend!! WOOHOO!!! [​IMG]

  9. Flipflop_Girl

    Flipflop_Girl New Member

    Hi Lorian,
    Tomorrow, I will have my webinar. How did it go? Should I be prepared with anything? Did you get your log-in? Hope all is well with you....Hope we can stay in touch..........
  10. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    Do you have your Cr*cket Activation webinar tomorrow? If so, it is very easy..takes about 90 min...take notes, you will be fine.

    But they are NOT giving just Activation logins. Once you have completed your Billing training and the Billing webinar too, then they are making everyone active and doing the logins. At least that is what they told me.

    They said they need Billing folks and not really Activation they are holding off until everyone is done with the Billing training, to do a billing webinar and get everyone active.

    If you are doing your Billing webinar tomorrow, let me know! I have been bugging them to get mine setup.
  11. Flipflop_Girl

    Flipflop_Girl New Member

    Just finished the activations webinar. The skill specialist mentioned that they would be having a Billing webinar on Thursday 11 CST.

    I called a PAL to ask for an invite to the webinar and she stated that they would be sending out invites later today and if I did not receive the email by tomorrow afternoon to give them a call.

    Fingers crossed that we can complete this process this week, receive log-ins and get started on actually working!
  12. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    WOOHOO! Thanks for the info! I'll keep a look out for the invite and if I don't have it tonight I'll contact them tomorrow. I am ready to get started!
  13. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    Hey..did you get the invite to the billing webinar yet? I guess I'll have to call in the am.

    They show me as active with the WinBack and Features/Services, pending with activations and billing.

    Plus it has access to Spectrum now....but no hours available.

    How bout you?
  14. Flipflop_Girl

    Flipflop_Girl New Member

    Same situation here.

    No invite, access to Spectrum (no hours available), active in Winback/Features and Services, pending in Activations. Billing not even listed as Pending.

    I was hoping that we could at least have the training completed this week!
  15. mzwizard

    mzwizard New Member

    Did you take the last 2 billing courses in the activation training? There were 6 courses total, 4 activation and 2 billing...I did all 6 and THEN did the activation webinar.

    Really want to get started!
  16. Flipflop_Girl

    Flipflop_Girl New Member

    Just sent you a response via email!

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