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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by missy0579, Jul 9, 2008.

  1. missy0579

    missy0579 New Member

    Hi I just finished my training for VIrgin and I am doing my webinar today. The training was kinda complicated to understand. Can anyone tell me if this is going to all fall into place when I get started, because right now I am terrified !!!
  2. steph

    steph New Member

    Yes, it is alot to take in but at first it will be scary but once you have taken alot of calls it will all fall into place. I would suggest take half hour increments to start off with and add more as you get comfortable. Remember, their are pals there for your service and a chat forum that is available. So use them.
  3. opendoorinspect

    opendoorinspect New Member

    Hello missy0579,

    Ofcourse, it is at first you have take alot of calls from some place. Always give 2 hours atleast.
  4. bookwurmee

    bookwurmee New Member

    The training is complicated and difficult to remember. I learned more by actually doing the calls. I called a PAL on most of my calls the first several times, but at least I felt that I had someone to help. I took shifts in 30 min increments because I was so nervous. It helped tremendously. VM is a good line to work, I enjoy it very much, and I hope you do as well. Good luck and keep in touch. [​IMG]
  5. seanskuuipo

    seanskuuipo New Member

    I just quit the VM skill, The pay was horriable! I was just assigned DHL, Hopefully it goes better then VM did. Good Luck!!
  6. DianaT

    DianaT New Member

    I started working 8 hour shifts with VM on 8/1. The first few days were nerve wracking but I have come to realize that if you take a big bite right off the bat it will get a lot easier over the following days. The training was intensive and there are a lot of things you will still not know how to do. Just remember that the PAL's are there for a reason. I have had to contact my fair share of them. The number of Pal calls is going down each day because I am becoming more and more experienced.

    My first two reviews I got U's on and was really upset. I talked to a PAL about it and she said to get use to it... that vm doesn't hand out I am VMU that often. I got my 3rd review last night and OMG I got an I am VMU rating! I was so excited I almost cried. So now I have worked a total of 9 days with VM. I kept a customer from leaving virgin mobile, I have already recieved an I am VMU and today I was offered a position with AYS. I am investigating it to see if AYS will be better or worse for as far as pay goes. If anyone can tell me anything about AYS as of today, I would really appreciate it.

    I have read some of the comments about people being upset about loosing pay from the per min of talk time to the per call to the per hour. Personally I have been unemployed since Feburary and am just happy to have a job making money from my home. Anything is better than nothing at this point. I will stick it out with VM and hope the pay gets better. I will take other opportunities to train with other skills if and when they come along. As for right now, I'm just happy to have a pay check again.

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