Anyone with VM Activ*tions still here?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by ShawnFL, Mar 5, 2009.

  1. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    Just wanted to see how things were going and if anyone else is having trouble getting hours. Seems like they are gone as soon as they hit sp*ctrum and usually I can pick up some trades but there hasn't been much out there lately. Oh and I finally got an S for my feedback, better then a U!!!! [​IMG]
  2. mgarrison

    mgarrison New Member

    Yeah, I've been having the same problem and I'm worried, because I got an e-mail that said they were purging for inactivity and I needed to work a shift by March 15. This sucks! I know its slower because they reduced the hours they are open.
  3. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I was finally able to get some hours this week but I missed the Fri, Sat, Sun hours that posted!! Oh well. I think as long as you work something by the 15th you won't get deactivated. I have seen a 1/2 hour here and there for trades but not much.
  4. lakewoodgirl

    lakewoodgirl New Member

    Seems like it's getting worse every week. I've noticed it's not just WAH, MAN, and SPOK in the notes, there's now a CEB. Anyone know who/where that is?? I am also getting alot of customers wanting to directly be connected to a supv b/c of other agents/countries not doing the work right or not understanding the customer. I had 2 in a row today.
  5. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    No clue what that is. I have absolutely no hours this week and there are no trades out there as of this minute. Last time I worked it was terrible anyways, lots of port-in problems. My favorite, ha-ha.
  6. muffinlou

    muffinlou New Member

    hey , yes, the spectrum is awful,,,you have to be ready to sit in front of your computer on hours..just waiting for them to give a few hours then they are gone faster than your screen can reload for you. But O, you can work when you want....HA,,work when there arent' hours. duh.

    They are getting really bad about pins and all this picky crap right now. I 've been with the V* project for well over a year and it is getting awful. oneday they want this next day something different. but you have to follow the call flow.,,,and guess what they tell you stuff to do that isn't on the call flow,,then you get a pin.
    It was much better when I started than it is now. I can't believe how much they have changed. Yes, they do seem to let the other countries by with stuff and mistakes and expect us to pick the pieces. What applies for one applies to all.

    If anyone out there knows of some decent typing jobs...i'm listening. this crap is getting too much.
  7. ShawnFL

    ShawnFL New Member

    I finally resigned. Couldn't handle the feedback, pay, and stalking for hours. I though why should I do the new training because I won't be able to use it, I can never get hours and working a half hour in one week is not worth the aggravation. Good luck.
  8. muffinlou

    muffinlou New Member

    shawn , any other suggestions for work at home since the vm line is going down and no offering yet.
    I could use some fresh $$$. Are you working with another company? myproblem is i just can't commit to 20 hours per week. some weeks i could but not every week.
  9. tropicalbenzo

    tropicalbenzo New Member

    guys 1800flowers are hiring ...........

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