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Discussion in 'West at Home' started by mr2469, Jun 19, 2008.

  1. mr2469

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    I was just wondering if anyone on here was certified in the EPIQ skill for west? we used to make $15.24/hr they have since dropped us to $10.74/hr with some kind of ridiculous email sent to try and explain it. Does anyone work this project? Did you understand the email?

    I have worked for WEST now for a little over 5 yrs and I can tell you that the pay rates for all projects are getting worse and worse!!!
  2. wahdell

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    What does EPIQ do? I've never heard of that skill before? They cut the pay on the VM skill big time!
  3. rsoler

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    I don't work for epiq skill but I was offered it and after I completed the skill and pass the training they sent me an email that west had made a mistake and selected too many employees and as a result they were overstaffed on that skill. Since, I was one of the last one accepted I guess they thought it was right to drop me from that skill. Which sucks because I believe is the only skill that pays more than any other. Tell you what 10.74 is not bad compare to what the rest of us are getting from the other skills! Good luck, but your right though, West pay min rate and hr pay is getting worse.
  4. Keepsake

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    It looks like they cut pay everywhere!!! Bummer!!!!
  5. gcbmom

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    I had the opportunity to work the Epiq skill from January 1 til April 25. At that point I received an email that I was terminated from the skill because of overstaffing. Come to find out, I spoke with a manager in the HR dept. and he said I was terminated because of my location, which is TN. So, who knows? I don't see that the project was EVER overstaffed because as soon as I completed one call, another was coming in. The HR manager had told me that because of my excellent performance, schedule adherence, etc. that I would probably be re-invited to the project in 3 months, but I have yet to hear anything.
  6. Aimes

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    Hi. I just wanted to let you know that I work for EPIQ. I LOVE IT. I knew that a lot of people were cut due to overstaffing or whatever, so I guess I was one of the blessed few who wasn't cut. In my initail email asking me if I wanted to pick this SKIL, it said that the pay would change. Anyway, I got another email in Sep. stating that no hours would be posted for EPIQ until further notice. I Can't stand working for DR. EPIQ is a sister skil to DR and if you drop DR you automatically drop EPIQ. If you drop 2 SKILS in a six week period, you can't pick up any skils for six months. I am a Stay at home momma of four and my youngest is six months old and sick all of the time. I just put in my resignation, though I LOVE EPIQ and dread quiting them....
    Does anyone know if you are in good standing and resign, if you can be rehired and do you have to retake the test?

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