Anyone working for Whirlpool recall on dishwashers???

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by Christa66, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. Christa66

    Christa66 New Member

    Just checking into to chat with other agents on the whirlpool recall dishwashers.....
  2. ddysgirl2003

    ddysgirl2003 New Member


    I work with the whirpool team for diswashers Christa. How do you like it so far?Christa66

    Hi Christa! I work with the Whirlool team, how do you like it so far?
  3. seasonedwthsalt

    seasonedwthsalt New Member

    Hi, I have been working with WAH on the Whirlpool skill now for 2 weeks. I was able to get plenty of hours for the first Thursday through last Wednesday. I check Spectrum about 50 times a day, but can not get any hours. Are you guys able to get some hours?
  4. flexiblework

    flexiblework New Member

    I remember working on that project maybe in January? I haven;t seen hours for that project in a while. I catch hours every now and then for the Citi VR line.
  5. mizzb

    mizzb New Member

    I also work for Whirlpool and it is very hard to get hours. How can I get a second project to work?
  6. faranuyen

    faranuyen New Member

    i work for whirpool and its very hard to get hours
  7. kstrawb2000

    kstrawb2000 New Member

    Worked for WPR and it just ended Sep 3rd. Whirlpool dropped West I guess cause the call volume was getting low. I liked the job because it was easy than any other skill that I'ved worked but the hours were very hard to get unless you are already on call and you sit there and keep clicking to pick up something every now and then other than that if your not on the computer chances are you wont get any.
  8. kadtre

    kadtre New Member

    how do I find work done from home

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