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Discussion in 'Business Opportunities and Programs Reviews' started by TopShelf41, Jan 10, 2008.

  1. TopShelf41

    TopShelf41 New Member

    I'm sure this has already been talked about, but I can't find it. Does anyone have any experience with this? Is this a scam?


  2. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Never heard of it, but if it says "quick and easy weight loss", don't count on it. If you want to lose weight, I'd recommend Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle by Tom Venuto - I'm actually using it right now - PM me if you have any questions.
  3. TopShelf41

    TopShelf41 New Member

    It's actually one of those "work from home opportunities." They want you to run a website for them and take orders for selling the patches for them.
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Oh...I see. Personally, I wouldn't do it because I don't believe in things like weight loss "patches" or "diet pills", etc. The weight loss industry is about as guilty of misleading people about "quick and easy" weight loss as work from home companies are about "get rich quick and easy" programs.
  5. Marktech

    Marktech Member

    The weight loss niche is a hot niche but I agree with getagrip. There is way too much hype in the weight loss industry and many of the pills and patches are at best ineffective and at worst - harmful. I'm not saying there aren't any good products out there but the good ones would promote slow, gradual weight loss with exercise as an element of the program. Be selective when joining a weight loss affiliate program.
  6. TopShelf41

    TopShelf41 New Member

    Thank you both for replying. So it seems like the general consensus here is even if you can make some money selling the patches for them, it's not a good idea because the patch itself is probably a scam.


  7. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Check out this article by Tom Venuto on one of supplement companies being sued for false claims:

    What's interesting about many of the weight loss supplement companies is that their bottles will often say something like, "please note that this product will be more effective with proper nutrition and exercise". Why do they say that? Because they know that their product will not work without proper nutrition and exercise! So, its not the supplement that is really making a difference - its the diet and exercise...
  8. missym

    missym New Member


    I have been an affiliate for quite some time now, and am happy to say that it's been pretty successful for me. As for the patch itself, I know friends and family that have used it and they are all pleased with the results.
  9. sorian

    sorian New Member

    Well first i would agree mostly in general with the weight loss industry as a whole.

    But with that said no one here that has replied has actually used this product. so this is all asuming its bad with no real experience with the product. I as well have not tried it so i can't say you guys are wrong or right.

    What i do know is i have not heard anything bad from anyone that has used it. and i know a few people that are affiliates with APD and having great results (such as $300-$600 a day) APD advertises your site for you! you get hundreds of targeted traffic to your site a week from there advertising for you. i have talked to a few that have maid $200+ in a few hours after signing up.

    APD is also on the top of many best money maker lists (many of these list I trust and have never given me a reason to not trust them)

    Personally i plan to join up as soon as i can afford it. my advice is don't let preconceptions of an certain niche make you distrust anyone and everyone in that niche. research things and make your own choice.
  10. sorian

    sorian New Member

    I have decided to go ahead and try APD. will let you guys know my results.

    though it is pretty risk free as they have a garentee, get your money back if you don't make $250 in your first month.

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