Are site submission companies good to use?

Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by mway78, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. mway78

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    There is a site submission company that claims it will submit your site to 90,000 search engines and link directories for an entire year for 1 payment of $149.00 and it says they follow all submission guidlines. I usually submit my site manually. I'm just wondering if anybody knows if this method works or are you better off submitting manually?
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    I've always been told to submit to Google and get listed there. Do a google search on "submit url" and you'll see it. However, it can take up to 6 or more weeks to get listed when we submit our own URL to the search engines and they may not accept it. I've also been told that when we tell a search engine we want to be placed that it sort of counts against us - like we're trying to pull one over on 'em. You're better off writing some articles and posting them on online (whether through an article directory or your blog or both) with links in the resource box to the website you want to get ranked. You'll get natural traffic that way. Hope that helps!
  3. Newbie Shield

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    Hi Mway,

    Truss is right, years ago, it was a good idea to submit your site via the submit URL option. These days, it's a bad idea to submit your site directly to Google. It's better to write a press release with back link, article with back link, create a free page with a back link, or to ping your site.

    Second, do submit your sites to directories, especially Yahoo.

    Third, unless a submission service spaces out the submissions, you'll get penalized by the larger SEs such as Google. They favor "discovery" and if your site suddenly shows up on a bunch of SEs at once, you'll get flagged.

    A service can't properly space out 90,000 submissions. That's too many to space out. Furthermore, there aren't any where near that many SEs that are worth your listing. I doubt that there are more than a few hundred SEs (if even that many - certainly not in the English language) that are worth a darn.

    I wouldn't trust a service that makes such a high claim number-wise. The price also seems a bit high.

    You'd be better off spending your money on something else.

    ~Newbie Shield~
  4. marperrr

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    I agree with Newbie Shield.
    Take that $149 and spend $60 of it to get a friendblaster for your free myspace site...
    We spent hundreds of dollars and countless hours trying to get our sites on the top of the search engines. Finally, we discovered that the key to getting hits was to find ways to get folks to your sites for free. We now have over 10,000 myspace friends on two sites and it rocks for us!
    The search engines will pick up your site just by you having it on your signature link in this forum
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    What I've done in the past is had a few of my websites submitted to directories, which can get your site listed and also boost your PR because you get backlinks. At the Digital Point forum, there are people who will manually submit your site to 500 directories for about $10...but you have to make sure the people who you are dealing with have a positive itrader rating. Here is where you can learn more about this:
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    Thank you for the information everybody that really helps. Getagrip thats really what I'm looking for is to just be able to submit to directories rather than search engines so Im going to take a look at digital point thanks.
  7. samda

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    I doubt whether 90,000 search engines are available in internet. There are n number of search engines but Google is the best one. Most of the search engines get a copy from google other than yahoo, msn and some major search engines.

    So what is the point in submitting your site to 90, 000 serach engines when you can get traffic from oe search engine (Google). 75% of people use google. 23-24% use yahoo and msn and just 1% other engines. So it is a waste of money to hire search engine submission company.

    Link submission is also a waste one. Link building service is a good one. Submitting your site to 1 related directory is far far better than 100 un related websites and directories. I talk this from Search Engine Optimisation view. So no need to spend 149 bucks for this service.

    Instead you may submit your site to yahoo directory for $399. This will be useful. You get a high PR link and this will bring a SERPS result and traffic. Try this.
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    Thanks everyone. You all provided me with some more valuable information. I haev only submitted to a few directories manually and am continuing with article submissions. I was wondering about how many directories there really are on the internet.

    Take care [​IMG]
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  10. Silverstone

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    Here's another option: there's a site called that will forward 10,000 visitors to your site for $10. I am currently trying this out, because for 10 bucks, well I'm curious what they can do.

    From what I understand, they have bought various expired domain
    names for sites that have existed in the past, but still have traffic, so they send that traffic to you. So, the way it works is when someone tries to go to that expired site, they are redirected to your's.

    Kinda like a company buying a used phone number, that still has callers wanting that type of service, I think.

    Jaime McCarley

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