Are there any Canadians Out There That Can Advise Me On Fundraising

Discussion in 'Coastal Vacations' started by Cathy, Jul 6, 2007.

  1. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Hi, I know that I've asked this before, but I wanted to see if any other Canadians have given away the vacations for fundraisers and which ones they used and what sort of success they have had with it.
    I want to give a way a vacation to my son's curling club, but I would like to know what one to select. I am Level 3 so I have all kinds, just a little worried that I might select one that will cause problems for the person who wins it.
    I am from Canada, so giving these away seems to me to be a harder task as the good vacations originate in the US, so I have to be careful.
    I haven't had a chance to use the vacatons yet, so I have no personal experience. It seems that I spent the money on reaching Level 3, and have to re-coup that cost before I can actually go on vacation.
    After looking at all of the vouchers, there is realy nothing that I can give away that would be really "free" is there? They would still have to pay for the other related fees.
    Just wondering what other's experiences are.
    I am using this forum as my upline I guess as I am looking to re-join another group as I've lost my upline support. [​IMG]
    Thanks for any suggestions.
  2. CoastalToday

    CoastalToday New Member


    While it is true that all of the vacations require taxes and processing fees, they still provide an amazing value. One thing you might consider (and I haven't done this myself, but it is worth a try)
    is to give away a condo week.

    You can offer it as a flexi-stay - make up a coupon or certificate for the winner that gives them the stay and then they work out the particulars AFTER they win, though be sure to mention they will be responsible for transportation, fees, etc.

    So, they get a week in a condo at a place of their choosing that can be used when they want it. It offers a bit more freedom that way. And though I'm not from Canada, I do see on the Condo Vacation order form that there are many available locations in Alberta, B.C, Quebec, Ontario and one in Manitoba...

    Tonya Kopp
    Platinum Director
    Coastal Vacations
  3. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Hi Cathy,

    I'm not from Canada, but I've been giving Coastal Bonus Certificates away for over 5 years now. In Canada I'd recommend the Canada Vacation as it's close and there'll be several options.

    Jay NaPier
    Level 3 Director/ Master Trainer
    Coastal Vacations
  4. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Tonya and Jay thanks for the sugestions. I had never thought about doing a condo give away that way, but I like that idea.
    Jay, what is the Canada vacation?
  5. Jay is referring to the Canadian Getaway Cathy.
    Gives the person a choice of a few destinations here in our beautiful Country.
    I know for Aviva and I, we have been giving away the Vegas stay alot and it goes over very well. For us here in BC the expense is minimal for the trip to and from LV it comes with a voucher for chips and show tickets.
    You may also see one in there for a Niagra Falls destination.
    Aviva has put together alot of documentation on fundraising also Cathy.
    We can forward that to you if you like.

  6. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Thanks for the info Sean. I would appreciate the fundraising documentation. I guess you could pm it to me?
    I don't have a voucher that says Canadian Vacation. Possibly that is something new?
  7. Cathy

    I am going to forward you some word documents and some pdfs. but they dont go into the PM box very well. If you could PM me your actual Email address I can send it out to you.
    The word doc is in the form of a flyer that will explain to your customers what you are offering. I want you to get the full document. PM me the Email and Ill send it back out to you via my aol account

  8. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    Sean, I just realized that I don't know how to pm you. lol
    So, I went to your website and got your email address , so I'll do it that way.
  9. Ok Cathy Your are on my messnger now. You will be able to access the shared folder when you sign on next.
    Enjoy..There is a ton of stuff in there

  10. Lindy

    Lindy New Member

    I have to ask again...where is the Canadian vacation?
    I got a Level One package in Feb. and I never saw a flyer for it, yet I have heard others talking about it.

    Have I missed something??
  11. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    I haven't seen a Canadian Voucher in any of my packages either Lindy.
    Does anyone know anything about it?
  12. Cathy

    Cathy New Member

    If you go to the officialcoastaltrainingdotcom site, then to Business & Product Training, and then under Product Training click on Detailed Product Overview, which is a PDF, you will find the most current package details as of June 07.
    In Level 1 is where I found the Canadian Getaway.
    I would imagine you would request the updated vocuhers from the Shipping Center.
    Hope this helps.
  13. linkmetro

    linkmetro New Member


    How much is cost to shipping in to Canada?? Can't find info on it. How much you usually charge for S&H???

  14. Judy

    Judy New Member

    I was charged $180 for shipping and handling through the WCYS for the Level 1 and 2 packages (which were shipped at different times through different locations).
    I am in Ontario but not sure what the shipping centre charges. If you say the wrong thing on your package the recipient could end up paying hundreds in duty and taxes so the sales centre makes sure that doesn't happen which is great.

  15. linkmetro

    linkmetro New Member

    Thanks Judy.

    Kind of expensive...[​IMG]

  16. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Hey Link,

    Your release will tell you that international shpping is $30. Now, I've heard that with the increases in shipping that have taken place, the international shipping may go up, but I can't see it going up more than $5.

    I've sent memberships overnight FedEx and it's about $75 to do that.

    I'm just curious were the membership sent to you?? $180 seems like know, this is the reason you want to stay connected to the official system.

    It's clear on my release - $30 x 2 memberships ( assuming Premier Membership) is $60.

    Jay NaPier
  17. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    I've heard talk of the Canadian trip in the Level 1 package and saw it on the pdf but it did not come in my kit, actually several were not included. I joined around June 1st...there was a delay in getting my level 1 package of several weeks.[​IMG]

    I'll wait until after the Nashville seminar to request any updates. Will that include all updates or do I need to specify a time like since June 1st or something like that?
  18. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Another suggestion,

    On last nights call Al suggested and stated they he uses the "Your Personal Vacation" voucher for his give aways. Over 80 destinations to choose from.
  19. jnapier

    jnapier New Member

    Hi Rhonda,

    Have you sent in for your membership cards. I was going through my membership cards last night and found "Your Personal Vacation" in that information.

    It does say "Canada" on the

    You can also send it a request, scratch out the wording at the top and put Canada Trip and they'll send it out to you.

    Jay NaPier
  20. rhondap

    rhondap New Member

    Yes Jay I got my membership cards last week and had a good time going through them all. I did recieve extra vacation vouchers sent with the cards.

    There is a bonus vacation listed on the level 1 pdf called Canadian Holiday... I did not receive that but it's no biggee.[​IMG]

    Thanks bunches Jay. [​IMG]

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