are we paid for excused time due to technical issues?

Discussion in 'West at Home' started by pennyhm, Nov 18, 2008.

  1. pennyhm

    pennyhm New Member

    Anyone know? Thanks.
  2. avasmom

    avasmom New Member

    I think it just depends on the PAL that you talk to. I have called in and asked and they have given it to me in the past.
  3. InsipidMess

    InsipidMess New Member

    pennyhm: Anyone know? Thanks.

    Nope. You do not get paid for ET.
  4. kandmh

    kandmh New Member

    I would think YES, within reason. If it's a few minutes (2-10 mins) yes, but after than I'm only ASSUMING it would need to be validated and that would depend on the PAL.
  5. lakewoodgirl

    lakewoodgirl New Member

    I know recently with the "no hot seats available" issue, they were paying u minimum wage for the first 30 mins if you were not able to log in. It's about time- I've had numerous times where it took me 15-20 to log in...I was actually "working" by trying to get logged in- but since I wasn't taking calls, I didn't get paid.
  6. InsipidMess

    InsipidMess New Member

    kandmh: I would think YES, within reason.

    I have worked for West just about a year now, snd my sister has worked for them for three years now, and we have never known them to pay for ET. ET is only for performance page purposes, so your show up rate ans schedule adherence don't take a nose dive.

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