Are we spending too much time on all the wrong things?

Discussion in 'Network/Multi-level Marketing' started by ProMarketer, Jul 25, 2008.

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    While recently reading what was actually an advertisement for an internet marketing service, the gentleman said one thing that hit me upside the head with a hammer.

    It's something obvious. But as with many things in life, we tend not to see the obvious and spend all our time on the wrong things trying to build our empires.

    He said...

    In my experience, one of the biggest reasons most Internet marketers fail is that they waste huge amounts of time constantly looking for and testing new promotional strategies - because nothing they seem to try ever works very well. At the end of the month they find themselves no better off than they were the month before ...

    See, here's the problem ... Most people waste a lot of time on trying to promote. I know many people who spend 6-8 hours every day just on trying to generate some traffic to their site, product or service. After a few weeks (or even days) of doing this "monkey work", you'll soon realize what a big waste of time it really is.

    It's much better to spend 30 minutes or less on promotions and having the entire process automated. That's the difference between working SMART, and NOT HARD.

    Instead of spending your entire day just trying to generate traffic to your site, you can spend your time on more important things - like developing new products, growing your business, golfing, or whatever else it is that you really want to do.

    Isn't that the whole point of having your own web business ... so you can have more time and freedom to enjoy life and do as you wish? ... I think so!

    What's the point of this?

    I see well intentioned people on this board spending way too much time on "monkey work" as this gentleman put it. Linking to blogs, pitching funded proposals, prospecting for MLM's to build MLM's, creating link back-pop-over-SEO friendly thingamabobs.... ugggggg!

    I am beginning to think that we all spending too much time on the wrong things.

    Our job is VERY simple as network marketers... we do these four things.....

    Prospect, Present, Follow-up, Follow-through.

    If you want to do these other things because A: you enjoy them.... or B: It is your primary business then this obviously doesn't apply to you.

    But if you are in this to create residual walk-a-way income then do yourself a favor and hire someone to do this kind of stuff for you. Your job is to present your products and opportunity.... period. Everything else is busy work and does little to create a downline. Your time is far to valuable to be doing anything else.

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  3. Mr Ed

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    Well said Bob, although, as it is in most endeavors, getting a business off the ground usually requires the most effort so that later on you can take it easy or focus more on other aspects.
  4. pcwork

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    Traffic to the blog can convert into leads and is the best option if you do not have much money to spend.
  5. cherie27

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    But in order to get prospects, promote is the key job to do.
  6. timflowers

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    I think you've made a good point. Many people spend hours trying to generate traffic to their website just so they won't have to talk to anyone in person or on the phone.

    A member of my upline is very successful simply by buying tour taker leads (leads that are sent directly to your website) and then following up with them by phone and email. He doesn't blog night after night nor does he use funded proposals, magnetic sponsoring, pay per click ads, or all the rest.

    He keeps it simple and the money rolls in.

    Tim Flowers
  7. tpalmer02

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    I think people do spend to much time on one thing, especially when they are just getting started. However, I also believe that trying different things is how you learn. I know it took me a little while to really get things going but I learned so much in the process.

    So now that I know how to build my business, I am able to use the things that I learned along the way to really expand my business.

    Grant it, everyone wants to go do what they want but it takes time before your business becomes automated. That doesn't happen over night.

    Of course the purpose is to have more time and freedom but if your business is not generating any income then you still won't have any freedom because you will be locked down with bills.
  8. cherie27

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    Recently, just read an ebook. And found out the points listed in the book are very true. A lot of time was wasted on unneccessary stuff.

    Doing thing is a right way might take some time as the person who is doing it didn't realise it, it is when something occur and made the person realise it.
  9. Kristiansen

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    With the economy being in an incredibly slow time, now is prime time for business opportunities to shine. I recommend running your business as a recruiter for jobs would. Personnel directors and bosses run classified ads in newspapers. There are people all over the country out of work and looking for jobs. How can they learn about your opportunity is you don't find them where they're looking for employment?

    RICH4NURICHE New Member

    Very good point although the fact that there are different types of businesses and people do things differently with mixed results, it does'nt hurt to try different approaches. What needs to be considered is the persons situation. If a marketer has two jobs to make a living and started promoting the biz, then all that stuff will be overwhelming and not be able to be implemented. So it would depend on each individuals need. Still the fundamentals still apply because a business is still a business. You need customers. You need to move product or provide services to profit. Yes it is a learning process but having someone help you do those things the right way should get you to see the true results however beneficial or not.

    BTW- What is your definition of Prospecting?
  11. EwanRobb

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    quite simple, spend time on Money Making Activities. Its ok to say just spend time on the phone and the money keeps rolling in. How many people out of every 100 in Home business have the skills to close sales on the phone? i never. Pick marketing activities that are known to work and run with it for 90 days, if you just float about form activity to activity then you wont see results. Dont go to bed untill the next day is planned out. The key is to have enough new prospects in the pipeline so that you can afford to be choosy with who you worki with.
  12. truehealth

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    I think it is important to try and focus on 1 or 2 different areas which we can excel in. It may get over whelming with all of the options to market ourselves and our product or service, but we would be doing ourselves a much better service if we concentrated on areas that we can do very well in.

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