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Discussion in 'Website Promotion' started by cardwarrior, Jan 6, 2008.

  1. cardwarrior

    cardwarrior New Member

    If you plan on submitting a set of articles to various article directories, does the content of the articles need to be altered when submitting them to different directories? I have been told that search engines don't like to see repeat content, so if I submit the same 10 articles to 5 different directories, will I be "blacklisted" by the higher search engines, (ie. Google, Yahoo, etc.) if those articles are not revised?
  2. Vishal P. Rao

    Vishal P. Rao Administrator Staff Member

    I think it really doesn't matter if you change the content or not because it ultimately depends on the quality of the directory itself. If a directory carries mostly duplicate content, it won't have any value associated with it over the time and you submitting original content to it will not make any difference to it or you.
  3. doublemix

    doublemix New Member

    Vishal is correct. Furthermore, you don't really need to worry about the other search engines. Google is the only one that weighs "objective" content more heavily than even keywords and other site meta data.

    So, Google will post your article from your ezine site based on the amount of info based on your keyterm and the most relevant article.
  4. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    If you are going to submit the same article to multiple directories, at the very least change the title of each article. It will also help to change some of the keywords as well, and for all practical purposes, its pretty much a waste of time to submit the same article to more than 10 article directories.
  5. dmitch31

    dmitch31 New Member

    Quoting: cardwarriorI have been told that search engines don't like to see repeat content, so if I submit the same 10 articles to 5 different directories, will I be "blacklisted" by the higher search engines, (ie. Google, Yahoo, etc.) if those articles are not revised?
    This is a complete and total MYTH that keeps getting repeated by ignorant people who don't know what they are talking about. The whole point of posting your article on article sites is in the hope that ezine editors looking for content will pick up your article and use it in their ezine. The more editors that snatch up and use your article, the better. So when you're posting to an article directory, you're sort of planning for duplicate content.

    And Google doesn't "penalize" for duplicate content either. It is, however, smart enough to see that if a search result turns up 10 copies of your article it will only display one of them in order to avoid duplicate search results.

    The internet is far far far too big for duplicate articles to be a problem. As far as I'm concerned, the more copies of your articles out there the better! You're not really writing articles to get great search engine rankings anyway. You write articles so people will click on the link in your resource box and visit your site. It's a web traffic generator, so the more copies of your article the better.
  6. madnawat

    madnawat New Member

    I think if you can write great content article and wanna onw way link to your website, then i think one directory is enough, as most webmaters who need free content for their website constantly scan this ezine. If your article is real one you will find that your article is posted on hundreds of website after few months. So how you will deal this duplicate content issue?

    Google simply overlooks such content, but remember you get valuable direct traffic from these hundreds of website where your articles are reposted. So concentrate on writing quality articles and rest will follow[​IMG]
  7. pharris1

    pharris1 New Member

    If you are worried about duplicate content article submission software can help you avoid this. The good ones offer features that will help you alter the content of your original article so it will submit 3 or 4 different versions of the same article and help avoid duplicate content. I've used these services and have never had a problem with duplicate content. I've also achieved high page rank on Google as well.
  8. VictoriaNTC

    VictoriaNTC Silver Member

    Hi dmitch31,
    That does make sense.
    Even though I have read duplicated content will not be accepted.
    I have wondered about this because I see my articles on publishers blogs and websites often, and certainly that would be duplicated content.
    Thank you for the information!
  9. tbadly

    tbadly New Member

    Most of the benefit from articles submitted to these type of sites is in the link(s) included in the article, which hopefully are pointing somewhere useful. Therefore, the more times the article appears, the more links are generated.

    The only situation where I think this might be an issue is if you are taking content from a blog or website you've authored, putting it into article form, and then submitting it over and over. That might cause the search engines to devalue the original content on your blog or website.
  10. jschuman

    jschuman New Member

    If you are writing strictly for traffic then whether your article is unique or not probably does not matter. As long as it is a good quality article most article directories will accept it.

    If you are writing for search engine bait it is to your advantage to have each article at least 30% unique. I use Submit Your Article to do this and know it works because I have been on page one of Google with 5 versions of the same article many different times.
  11. klrrider

    klrrider New Member

    More back links from articles also gets you more PR even if the articles are so so. Goggle indexes these and rates your site's authority accordingly. Higher PR = more natural traffic. Using low competition keyword phrases works well this way.

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