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Discussion in 'General Advice' started by manowar, Oct 27, 2007.

  1. manowar

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    I am new to this, and would like to know about article marketing. I take it we should write an article and submit to article directories, which will then be picked up by search engines.

    But for what keywords will it be picked up? How to find the keyword, and how many times must it be used in the article?

    I am rather confused by all this, so a detailed explanation may help.

  2. netjobs

    netjobs Member

    Article marketing is a good way of getting traffic, but nowadays there is some problem between duplicate contents, so better if you write an article first post on your own blog (if not exist, create one) and later on submit to article directories with author resources box...
  3. Newbie Shield

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    You put your main keyword phrase in the title of your article. You then use it again at least once in the article. Furthermore, you use related keywords in your article. Be careful not to stuff the article with too many keywords or it won't interest the readers.

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  4. Hemjoe

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    Like Netjobs said article marketing is a very useful method of creating free traffic, however many people say to submit to many sites but i find it is better to submit to one of the more popular ones (like ezinearticles) first to get it listed and then make further submissions after that to other sites
  5. manowar

    manowar New Member

    how to choose the keywords, how do we know which keyword is both useful as well as less competitive?
  6. netjobs

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    Download Good Keyword Tool from and find related keywords, add them between your articles wherever necessary.. but be natural, don't put lots of keywords in a single article..
  7. getagrip

    getagrip Gold Member

    Quoting: netjobsDownload Good Keyword Tool from

    EXACTLY what I was going to say! Try to find keywords, however, with less competing websites. You are going to do better competing against 10,000 webstites than 100,000.
  8. manowar

    manowar New Member

    Hi Netjobs,

    Can you please guide me as to how I must use this tool.

    I searched for the base keyword "online business", and it gave many entries, from where I chose "online business opportunity". this term has 6540 searches (per month) for overture US. Then follows "home business opportunity" with 3000 odd searches, and so on. But from this, how do I know whether these keywords are competitive or not.

    Does that mean I have to have these keywords, maybe 5, on my site, and write articles, each article targeting these specific keywords?

    Am I right in my approach to article marketing? Pl do advise.


    CSGWAHM New Member

    I do alot of article marketing, it's a great way to get free traffic. I have a huge list of sites to submit articles to. Consistently I use the more popular sites, I have 5 that I'm always submitting articles to, then I'll use the other sites here and there. Make sure you put your links in the resource box, that's the way to advertise you.
  10. opendomain

    opendomain New Member

    Indeed I find it to be the best way to advertise your site. I've had more signup from this than anything else. it's not that hard either. I recently just started writing articles about politics and setting my site in my author box, I get so much traffic from these sites as well and I get to write about politics too. Really you don't always even need to write about what you are selling. if you begin to build a base with people who are interested in teh same thing you are then it's much like forum posting in a NON work from home forum and having a link in your sig.

    I find associated contect to be really good also becqause they pay you for page views... So you make money that way too.

    Out of curiosity does anyone have a reason not to use associated content?
  11. pcwork

    pcwork New Member

    Quoting: opendomainsetting my site in my author box, I get so much traffic from these sites as well and I get to write about politics too.
    How many visitors do you get every day

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